Zhoushan taxi driver taxi two wheels were unloading middle bizarre story twists and turns-kaya scodelario

Zhoushan taxi driver taxi two wheels were unloading middle bizarre story twists and turns in September 17th, Mr. Fan Zhoushan people give us the call that his taxi, two wheels being removed. What enmity, quickly look down. On the parking lot, Mr. van’s cab was blocked by a private car, and the two front wheels of the taxi were gone. Fan said that the taxi was his own, and he parked it around ten that day. He pulled the car, I’ll call the police, he would not let me go to the police station to block the back of the no, came back the two round is gone, I seem to be back at eleven o’clock." Mr. Fan mouth "he", also do the taxi business, liu. Right now, Mr. Liu is here. Mr. Liu: the wheel of my own unloading, which I admit, I do my own thing, I admit that if I owe you money, you must be on the road blocking me, I ride a battery car you have to block me." Wait, who owes the money? According to the statement, comparing it to the debt, complex: Mr. Liu told the taxi company contracted a taxi, the taxi contracted to Mr. Liu, Mr. Fan, the two sides signed the contract, the contract period of all responsibility for the accident by Mr. Fan bear. Mr. Fan and the taxi contracted surnamed Yan sir, Mr. Yan took the taxi contracted to Mr. Zhao and Mr. Zhao not operating certificate, during February 2015, Mr. Zhao operation accident caused the death of one person, the about 800000 yuan compensation, the insurance company is not compensable. Mr. Liu delivered about 300000, the remaining about 500000 of the taxi company to advance. Company to beg for him, he had to beg for Mr Fan, more than a year, Mr. Fan has not give. Mr. Liu: "he (Mr. Fan) all day Mandaijie (run rental) so don’t ask me directly, and he ordered a contract, I will recover my money, companies are chasing me, to pad out of the money, just like me, I have no money, I can come up with me your attitude, take the car to the debt, you can also offset." Mr. Fan said that he does not give, he has been working to Mr. Yan and Mr. Yan, but also to the driver Mr. Zhao beg, this chain is very long. "There is something to talk about, the wheel should not be removed, we can take the legal channels or how." The lawyer thinks, Mr. Liu has the right to recover but Mr. Fan, Mr. Liu to take a debt, not legitimate. Zhejiang Pinzheng union lawyer Chen Yiyi said: "if he (Liu) sought power through legitimate means, through coordination, through to the court, can, if you are using the damaged belongings of others, in serious cases, may even be criminal responsibility." As for bilateral economic disputes, lawyers believe that Mr. Fan has a taxi for the implementation of the present, Mr. Liu can sue to the court according to the law of the fan of the property preservation, guarantee their rights and interests are not compromised, but the prosecution object can only be Mr. fan. Lawyer Chen: "according to the principle of privity of contract between Mr. Liu and Mr. Fan is the existence of a contractual relationship, but between Mr. Liu and Mr. Yan is no relationship, so he should be Mr. Liu, Mr. fan can only recover, then.相关的主题文章: