Zhengzhou goal to build a national center city in the future more international fan-borderland

Zhengzhou plans to build the National Central City in the future more international fan Henan daily media reporter Hou Mengfei Liu Jianghao the Shu Zhengzhou as Henan’s 18 provincial cities, the "leading" Zhongyuan city group "leader", Zhengzhou next five years will sprint toward the goal of how global. Ten provincial Party Congress report clearly put forward for the first time, Zhengzhou to build "National Center City" goal. The National Center City is the national urban system "spire", experts believe that Zhengzhou has the construction of National Central City conditions, and predict the future of the global 50 super city group, or there will be "international Zheng" a space for one person. The future positioning of Zhengzhou more international norm in the Congress report on the status of Zhengzhou, the city of the future, and more clear. The report pointed out that in the construction of National Central City as the goal, will be built in Zhengzhou international modern integrated transport hub, the advanced manufacturing industry in central and western regions, the country’s major portal opening and modern service industry base, improve heart and status of regional economic and financial, trade, technology and culture, promote the integration of Zhengzhou and the surrounding city docking, promote the development of Zheng Kaifeng integration depth, Zheng Xin, Zheng Xu, Zheng Jiao to accelerate the integration of development, construction of combined metropolitan areas, promote the development of the province’s driving ability of radiation. It is understood that this is the first time explicitly put forward the goal of building a national center of Zhengzhou City, the future of Zhengzhou more international fan". But along the way, not plain sailing. From the first time in 2003 proposed the "Central Plains Urban Agglomeration" to the Central Plains urban agglomeration planning to rise to national strategy; from the regional central city to the construction of the National Center City, Henan and Zhengzhou for more than ten years. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission announced that this year will be completed in the Central Plains urban agglomeration planning. Zhongyuan urban agglomeration planning is likely to be approved by the end of this year." Zhang Zhancang, President of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said that after the approval of this plan, Henan and Zhengzhou are very big upgrade. At present, the national development and Reform Commission is planning group of city of Central Plains, the Central Plains city planning is the provincial planning group." Zhang Zhancang told reporters that the Central Plains urban agglomeration covers the scope, including southern Shanxi, southern Hebei, southwest Shandong, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, and Anhui and other regions bordering. As the core of the Central Plains urban agglomeration, Zhengzhou put forward the construction of the National Central City, will play a pivotal role in leading and radiation. The competition is the central region, there are three to build the National Center City as the national city system in the overall strength of the strongest "spire city", the National Center City has very stringent criteria. Provincial Development Research Center Director Gu Jianquan believes that the construction of National Central City standards, including the economic scale, economic quality, ability of gathering, radiation ability, innovation ability, promote the ability of. It is understood that in 12th Five-Year, the average annual growth rate of 11.2% of GDP in Zhengzhou, higher than the national average of 27 in the country’s capital cities in Zhengzhou, the total GDP in the region has risen to. The Statistics Department figures show that over the past 5 years, Zhengzhou net inflow of population of 1 million 850 thousand people, in the major city ranked seventh.相关的主题文章: