Yunnan Ailao Gorge Scenic rocks closed thank-you cited dissatisfaction official said repair –

Yunnan Ailao Gorge Scenic rocks closed thank-you cited dissatisfaction   official said repair – Sichuan Channel – original title: Yunnan Ailao Gorge Scenic rocks closed thank-you cited dissatisfaction with official said repair before the national day, Yunnan province rainfall led to the existence of security risks in road traffic and water well off the Ailao the rocks Gorge Scenic part of facilities are required to "disappear" doors lead to dissatisfaction, local authorities said on the 6 scenic spots are repairing. National Day during this year, Yunnan Yuxi Xinping County public release called "National Day holiday on the Internet, people are injured in Ailao mountain……" The Post said, rainfall leads to the Ailao Gorge Scenic stone roads, scenic areas severely damaged and closed, to the local people brought great inconvenience and concern. Ailao Mountain is located in Shimen’s water Road 65 kilometers, 2000 meters above sea level, is the Ailao Mountain scenic area is the most famous scenic spots, 5 resembles the "door" Canyon, named the Shimen gorge. The locals, in Xinping tourism personnel will be to the destination. Recently the big rain, mud rock flow occurred, the scenic fence was destroyed, so close. Xinping County Tourism Bureau official said, September 27th, Xinping County Safety Supervision Bureau jointly with the County Tourism Bureau, Jiasa Town People’s government to carry out a joint inspection of law enforcement in Xinping County of Ailao Mountain Scenic Area, road safety facilities. Inspection found that some of the scenic spots in Shimen gorge security risks exist, do not have the operating conditions. Therefore, Xinping County Safety Supervision Bureau shall be ordered to suspend business units in the Shimen Gorge Scenic Spots and business activities. Therefore, the attractions since September 29th, the suspension of foreign tourists, scenic spots and other normal opening. Reporters call the 6 Xinping County propaganda department, the staff said, now the area may still be repaired, the specific need to ask the Bureau of tourism development, tourism is not under their control. No one answered the call. Jiasa town government said that due to heavy rainfall disruption of the Ailao highway has cleared water Hill grace a one-way street, in order to ensure the safety of the passing vehicles, decided to adopt the intermittent release measures. Release time is October 5th – 9 am on the morning of October 7th to the evening of 8, the rest of the time closed repair, after the passage of the next 7 days notice. (Teng Long) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: