Yongchun fishermen caught 1.6 meters long eel was spent on the acquisition of $20 thousand-mp7a1

Yongchun fishermen catch eel was 1.6 meters long day to spend 20 thousand yuan to buy Mr. Chen caught 1.6 meters long eel, was made into a video (video screenshot) Taiwanese news network October 29th "it is to send ah, Dongguan Yongchun fishermen catch a nearly 2 meters of the eel." The day before yesterday, the news came out, instantly detonated Yongchun WeChat circle of friends. And catch the eel, Yongchun Dong Guan Zhen chen. The 40 year old Mr. Chen said, from five or six years ago to start fishing, novice is strictly speaking, caught before the river fish are common, have never been caught eel. The day before yesterday at 6 in the morning, Mr. Chen also to dongguanzhen a reservoir in the upper reaches of streams in the net, hand pull feel very heavy, that caught the big fish, will accelerate the speed of a happy net, did not think it was a mass of dark things, thought it was a snake, scared, then look carefully, but it is not a snake. Don’t know what fish, take home. "1.6 meters long, weighing up to 26.7 pounds!" I heard Mr. Chen caught fish, CuO side went to his house, the old fisherman is seen eel, but so big but have never seen, and some villagers put the eels took a video sent to the internet. A video, the day someone took the initiative to come to the door, nearly twenty thousand yuan to buy high priced fish. Mr. Lin for many years engaged in the work of the fishery, ordinary eels produced in the brackish water at the junction of the sea, under natural conditions, it is difficult to weight more than 2 kilograms, and the scope of activities in estuarine zones, it is difficult to reach the mountain, so the analysis may be eels, on-site identification of specific needs. Mr. Lin said, also known as Anguilla marmorata, body length 30~60 cm, weighing about 250 grams, but the most up to 30 kg or more, it is different from the common eel, mottled back, like huge eel, also known as the "eel king", which belongs to the protected wild animal. To distinguish between wild and farmed eels Anguilla marmorata, must look at the color, color is gray is wild and farmed eels are usually color black. In 2014, Taiwan Taitung workers used excavators dike, accidentally dug a large super s.marmorata tail weighs 24 kg, 155 cm long, of at least thirty or forty years to grow so big. Look, this super eel than age not small, but also because many netizens called for its release, the hope that the acquisition of business can treat it. Eel this treaty 6 meters long, is higher than the double decker bus (map) – related links to British fishermen caught 6 meters long double decker bus is higher than the eel British "mirror" reported last May 14th, the day before, a fisherman caught a length of 20 feet (about 6 meters) higher than the eel. Double decker buses, broke the world record. The giant eel, which is about 131 pounds (about 60 kilograms) after it is removed from the body, weighs as much as 155 pounds (about 70 kilograms) if it is not removed. (reporter Yang Jiangcan correspondent Zheng Zhilin Haidu Ventura)相关的主题文章: