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Xuzhou, a village government leased farmland for the construction of the park that improve the living conditions of the people – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Xuzhou on September 30th news (Jiangsu station reporter Liu Zhi) recently, Jiawang District Quanwang village in Jiangsu province Xuzhou city farmers to reflect the media said, three years ago, the local government has leased nearly 500 farmers of arable land, a an area of about 200 acres of park construction, the villagers can receive compensation of a certain year. But now, the cost of living is rising year by year, the meager compensation costs can not pay the normal living expenses, increasing distress. Due to limited land use indicators, such practices are also suspected of rent generation". In the west of Xuzhou, Jiawang District five wells miners Park, the village of the village of Mr. Wang pointed to a lake, told reporters that the area is his home three years ago. "Is here for generations of arable land, arable land, the main season is a season of wheat corn, this value is very good. People reflect a lot, why such a good place into a park?" It is understood that five wells miners Park covers a total area of about 200 acres, all in the village of Wang Wang Village, the production of two groups of cultivated land on the transformation of the 500. In this regard, Xuzhou Jiawang District old mine street people committee director Du Wenjie said that in recent years, the area is filled with all kinds of buildings and garbage, and the district government cost about 30000000 to build a park is to improve the living conditions of villagers. "At that time, the use of land for the construction of the park, the purpose is to improve the urban environment in the west, the surrounding residents to provide a place for entertainment and fitness, is a public welfare." According to the land transfer agreement in Xuzhou Jiawang district government, by renting arable farmers per acre per year can receive 900 yuan compensation, payment once a year, the reporter learned from the farmers in these years, they have successfully received the money, and on the land to build the park directly, let them understand. Daily economic news reporter noted that in order to prevent local governments through the construction of collective land for non-agricultural farmers, unauthorized transfer of agricultural land for construction sites, expanding the scale of construction land. The Ministry has issued an emergency notice in 2005, requiring strict tight control over the amount of land for construction, and resolutely stop rents "unauthorized use of agricultural land for the construction of illegal behavior. The local use of the rent on behalf of the way the park will be converted to farmland for alleged violations? In this regard, Wang Wen, director of the Jiawang District Land Bureau, director of the Department of positive response to the weekend, but can be sure that: at present, the nature of the park or the general nature of agricultural land in Xuzhou. If the land to engage in business development or engage in commercial development must have to go trick to shoot the program, but now it is part of the green, there are some fish ponds, this piece is actually a public welfare undertakings." Villagers told reporters that the environment is beautiful, and the compensation for meager income to make life is beautiful, at present has not conducted due to local land expropriation, rents in the way that the landless villagers to enjoy the old-age insurance. They hope that the local government will be a one-time collection of land, change the nature of the land, so that you can be in accordance with the relevant policies of landless peasants protection system. Du Wenjie, director of the people’s Congress of Xuzhou old mine street, said: the index is less than the number of people in Jiawang"相关的主题文章: