Xinjiang released increased zoom Ling Mou osmo+ also brought VR aerial documentary nibbuns

Xinjiang released increased zoom Ling Mou OSMO+ also brought VR aerial shooting documentary for Xinjiang UAV Sina digital news news August 25th, Xinjiang in Beijing today issued a hand ling Mou OSMO+ with a pan tilt camera optical zoom function and the UAV VR shooting panoramic aerial documentary series, "the most beautiful Chinese". "The most beautiful China" can be said to be a fusion of science and technology to try to film, by the Xinjiang subsidiary – Xinjiang media (DJI Studio) production, Xinjiang media, Youku, Austria created a joint heaven and earth. This documentary is the biggest characteristic of the use of the UAV aerial perspective as the main creative language, combined with the VR virtual reality technology, which was created with the audio-visual narrative way. In 24 solar term as a clue, the audience China comprehensive display of natural geography, traditional customs and popular events, very similar to a period of time before the hit on the tip of the tongue "Chinese". But "the most beautiful" Chinese has VR version and the traditional two-dimensional panoramic aerial aerial aerial version, the traditional version of the future will also be made long in 60 to 90 minutes long documentary, "and" the most beautiful China VR panoramic aerial documentary series first quarter a total of 26 sets. It is reported that "the most beautiful Chinese" will be held September 1st at the premiere aired every Thursday Youku. Conference, Xinjiang media also announced the main aerial equipment and technology used in the process of the documentary: Xinjiang media VR custom platform and Ronin such as aerial zoom solutions, and released a handheld pan tilt camera Ling Mou OSMO+ with optical zoom function. The habit of using Ling Mou Osmo users, Ling Mou OSMO+ upgrade is very obvious, the main change is the increase of the optical zoom lens. Ling Mou is equipped with Osmo+ meditation X3 zoom camera through 3.5 optical zoom, 2 times lossless digital zoom, 22 mm to 77 mm focal length, Osmo+ Ling Mou can also use DJI GO application procedure. Its main accessories include three tripod, bicycle bracket and extension rod. The main function, Osmo+ supports mobile time-lapse photography, and have stable performance is outstanding, can shoot 4K 30fps Ultra HD video, 1080p 100fps slow motion video, support Adobe DNG RAW 12 million pixel photo shoot. In addition, the Xinjiang media also launched the OSMO Shield extended warranty program, the purchase of the program’s customers, the official warranty period of its OSMO products will be extended on the original basis for one year. Due to accidents, water and other causes of damage can also be free repair service. At present, OSMO  Shield extension plan is only open in mainland China and North america. Ling Mou Osmo+ hand official price at China mainland pan tilt camera for 3999 yuan. Sina comments: compared with the traditional way of shooting, using aerial drones not only unique perspective, but also to see stronger. Combined with VR virtual reality technology, will相关的主题文章: