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Xiao Shenyang set sail in September comedy propaganda Lan Qin "would you like?" Sohu – the king of comedy Lan Qin photo of Lan Qin cross entertainment comedy king Lan Qin for the cross-border Sohu entertainment news on August 24th, "cross-border comedy king" held a press conference in Beijing, as the "king of comedy" Star Cross file Beijing TV comedy sports show, once again set off a "crossover" wind, Xiao Shenyang became a comedy convener, propaganda Lan Qin, Zhou Jie Fei Yuqing, Deng Ya Ping, and other star cross, challenge yourself, to make people feel the screen comedy show, look forward to, on-site activities Ning Zetao, Lang Ping, Lin Dan and other sports stars are also named invited cross, Olympic athletes can eventually boarded the stage let us wait and see. Xiao Shenyang Lan Qin shouted "would you like?" The conference site, Xiao Shenyang said privately and Lan Qin good relationship, about two people usually to call brother, the "king of comedy" as their cross host and comedy convenor of the identity of the person standing on this stage, Lan Qin is looking forward to the goddess figure turned and comedy show will have what kind of chemical "effect". And the event Lan Qin and Xiao Shenyang good relationship to share a microphone. Xiao Shenyang is the scene shouted Lan Qin you are willing to do a comedy person?" Lan Qin, "I would like to". Lan Qin also revealed on the conference site in the end of the Olympic athletes who respect and admiration, and would like to invite them to cross. It is reported that the current "cross-border comedy king" has completed the first round of the program recording, poplar as Lan Qin’s agent, to pay tribute to Qiong Yao, with a comedic element arrangement to a program, let people feel surprise and very funny, for their cross-border star, Lan Qin think this is a new attempt. Is also a challenge, let us look forward to the wonderful performance of Lan Qin "king of comedy" program in the cross. Lan Qin Zhou Jie once again with the introduction of the plot also recall the press conference, Lan Qin strapless dress elegant temperament, Zhou Jie white trousers is very capable, let people pay attention to this is Lan Qin and Zhou Jie starred in "return zhugege 3", once again on stage, people recall. Xiao Shenyang is painting and ridicule Kang know fit, like together through our. It is reported that the current cross-border comedy king has completed the recording of the first round of the program. September 3rd (Saturday) 20:30 "cross-border comedy king" in the Beijing TV premiere.   相关的主题文章: