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Xiamen fled tiger caught details exposure Gong find tiger gun uniform core tip: the Xiamen Haicang Zoo; the police dispatched to the sheep trapping, Gong find tiger, nearly 6 hours of the tiger tiger in control; before moving, the zoo will increase manpower and monitoring, strengthening the guardrail, strengthen the defense of the escape of the white tiger (after), 2013 find ruyilangjun (map) into the park to catch a tiger SWAT SWAT on strengthening the zoo fence news network November 5th Fujian mountain Xiamen Haicang District Village Road a two storey shacks, yesterday into a trap for the tiger temporary headquarters. "It’s in the grass pit."." An observation on the roof of the light shouted, a row of SWAT guns on two snipers, quickly occupied the commanding heights near two, urban construction workers build up fences, strengthening gap speed, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in debugged quickly after launch…… Time dial back to 10 am yesterday. The news from Haicang zoo, a royal Bengal tiger escaped from the cage in the beast area. After receiving the alarm, police Haicang and Xiamen City Public Security Bureau police detachment immediately deployed Police SWAT team rushed to the scene and haicang. Haicang District government leaders arrived at the scene, the scene command. The 11:00 command set the police dispatched WeChat circle news: Haicang zoo reshipping 5 backyard tiger tiger, "their first home"! The gate of the zoo near the mouth of a small gate, more than 10 police holding shields and batons to the gates in the jungle looking. The reporter confirmed at the scene, indeed there is a tiger escaped from the beast area, I hide in the corner, are currently searching for. Tiger headquarters. Reporters were advised to leave the scene, SWAT two vehicles along the perimeter of the zoo patrol. There may be 200 pounds or so, after the escape was still sitting next to the fence, white, striped." A witness to the villagers pointed to the side of the fence told reporters. 13:00 in sheep trap bar deployment strategies: to catch a tiger sheep trap. Soon after the tiger had just eaten, the strategy was not very successful. Tiger nest in situ motionless, and more than 10 meters away from the headquarters began confrontation. In order to avoid the danger of the tiger out of the park, the headquarters immediately organized urban construction and other relevant departments to close the park, strengthen the gap, evacuation personnel. More than and 10 minutes later, the urban construction workers shipped a large number of barriers, workers pay attention to the movement, while repairing the gap along the length of forty or fifty meters, and strengthen the iron bar. At the same time, participate in the operation of special police stepped up vigilance. The park came a sheep, soon did not sound. An attentive staff found a white tiger trace, pointing to the grass to all of. SWAT two snipers just in place at the commanding heights, the tiger was gone"…… 15:20 Gong find tiger energy-saving fence up, unmanned reconnaissance police calls are also sent to the scene. UAV can be launched around the circle, still can not find the trail of the tiger. A trap for the tiger staff proposal as gong or whip)相关的主题文章: