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Xi Jinping talks with President of Peru: to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Peru news agency of the new network to a new level – in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Shuo) Chinese President Xi Jinping 13 in the Great Hall of the people with Peru’s president Kuczynski held talks. The two heads of state agreed to look at and develop the Sino Soviet relations from a strategic height and long-term perspective, and jointly promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries to a new level. Xi Jinping welcomed President Kuczynski’s first visit to china. Xi Jinping pointed out that Chinese and Peru are ancient civilizations, mutual trust is a good friend, a good partner of common development. Over the past 45 years, the two sides always adhere to the sincere friendship, equality, sustained and in-depth development of bilateral relations and fruitful cooperation in various fields and maintained close communication and coordination in major international and regional issues, not only to the people of the two countries to bring tangible benefits, but also make a positive contribution to world stability and development. Xi Jinping stressed that the two sides should adhere to equality and mutual respect, deepen mutual trust. We should maintain high-level exchanges and expand exchanges between the government, political parties, legislative bodies and local governments, and consolidate the political foundation for long-term friendship between the two countries. The two sides should adhere to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation. To continue to strengthen cooperation in the traditional areas of trade, energy, mining, infrastructure, the implementation of the bilateral free trade agreement, and actively promote industrial and investment cooperation, expand production capacity, cooperation in the emerging field of modern agriculture, environmental protection, new energy, tap potential of cooperation, innovation and cooperation mode, and constantly improve the level of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. The two sides should maintain exchanges and mutual learning, enhance traditional friendship. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with the secret culture, education, media, think tanks, universities, tourism exchanges and cooperation, strengthen cooperation in law enforcement. The two sides will continue to maintain communication and cooperation on major global issues such as global economic governance, climate change, and the 2030 sustainable development agenda to safeguard the common interests of developing countries. We support this year’s informal APEC Economic Leaders’ meeting, and we would like to work together to promote greater contribution to the Asia Pacific and global economic growth. Xi Jinping pointed out that Sino Latin American relations is an important part of South South cooperation, China is willing to work with Peru and Latin American countries to work together to strengthen political dialogue, deepen all-round cooperation, work together to build a community of destiny. Kuczynski said, after my first visit to the president on the choice of the China, because Peru people admire Chinese adhere to independent development, through their own efforts to become an important country in the world’s second largest economy and the largest industrial nations and international affairs. The secret is willing to close economic and cultural ties between the two countries in various aspects, expand the local economic governance and public construction projects and exchanges, strengthen cooperation in infrastructure construction, investment, health, tourism and other fields, to further promote their comprehensive strategic partnership. The secret is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China in international affairs and look forward to holding a successful informal meeting of APEC leaders with the support of the Chinese side. After the talks, the two heads of state jointly witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents in the field of culture, news and other fields. Before the talks, Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the East Plaza)相关的主题文章: