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Wuxi houses a gas leak explosion 4 dead 6 injured the accident is under investigation (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) 19 day at 4:54 in the morning, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Wu street wall Zhai Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing, the people buried pressure. As of press time reporter, the scene has been the end of the search and rescue, the accident has caused 4 people were killed and another 6 injured in hospital for treatment. Cause of the accident is under investigation. Wuxi police today announced that, after a preliminary understanding, the collapse of houses to 3 two storey houses, a layer of three restaurants, suspected for liquefied gas leak caused the explosion. Crane into the accident scene rescue. Sun Quan photo, I thought it was an earthquake, get up and run out quickly." Residents near the accident site master Xu told reporters, the day before dawn when he was awakened by a loud noise, thought the earthquake, he ran out to see, that is Wall House Road No. 220 side collapsed, there was a woman trapped in the rubble and shouted for help. Xu master understand what happened in the vicinity of the majority of residents were awakened by the sound of the explosion, some residents heard the cry for help after the spontaneous rescue, then someone called the alarm call. "The woman was rescued after we said his family buried inside, asked us to save her family." Master Xu said that the woman was rescued, said the whole house and 9 people were buried. Subsequently, Wuxi fire, 120 emergency, police rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. A broken glass at the scene of the accident. Sun Quan photo reporter rushed to the scene, the police have pulled up the cordon at the scene of the accident at the wall of the house, and control of traffic around the scene of the accident. The scene around the street is full of broken glass, collapsed houses is in ruins. After the accident, many onlookers residents have to discuss the matter. According to the surrounding residents, about 10 days ago, one side of the houses along the street just opened a store of duck fans. The explosion of the "center", this is a new duck fans shop. Residents also said that the accident was buried several people are migrant workers to Wuxi. Figure for bed explosion accident scene. Sun Quan photo after the woman rescued, and soon there was a little boy was pulled out, and then there are 2 men, 2 women and the rescue of the children were taken to hospital after the rescue of 2." Onlookers told reporters, because the sound is too large, most of the residents were awakened, so there are a lot of people rushed to the scene early in the morning onlookers. (end)相关的主题文章: