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Wuhu a staff responsible for ordering tickets, profit from 10 yuan according to major news reports, Wang is responsible for ordering tickets and other affairs, took advantage of his position with the ticket agent company profit from more than 10 yuan. After the incident, Wang and other people were sentenced according to law. Recently, Sanshan District People’s court heard of this case, to the employer "with" a reminder. Wang Mouyuan, a department of Sanshan District heavy industry company staff. January 2013, Wang is responsible for the airline ticket ordering and other matters, with a ticket agent in Shanghai, Zhang contact the clerk. Zhang Wang proposed to false ticket prices, "opened" by Wang Shanghai and a ticket agent company into 55. Wang see profitable, then a ticket agent in Shanghai ordered a total of more than one thousand tickets. In the meantime, as an ordinary salesman Zhang "limited", then joint responsible for booking, and airline colleague Guo Moujia, and its superior to the legal representative of a company — Shanghai low-cost ticket agent of a report. Zhang Lian, Guo Moujia in a consent, with a low blank false itinerary in the online purchase and the company’s special printer false itinerary, and virtual operation process of single price, Wang to use their position to use false travel reimbursement single ticket, a ticket will be paid to the heavy industry company in Shanghai the ticket agent company. A low price will exceed the actual 50% by Alipay transfer to Wang, the remaining 50% by the Shanghai company and a ticket agent shall be divided according to a certain proportion of zhang. As of April 2015, Wang and Zhang, Lian a, Guo Moujia, a total of a heavy industry company seized more than 21 yuan, of which Wang profit of more than 12 yuan. Because the company did not pay a heavy ticket to Shanghai in April 2015 a ticketing agency, so the reimbursement amount and the actual amount of 2015 April the balance of 17 thousand yuan should be attempted, accomplished as part of more than 19 yuan. After Zhang, Guo Moujia take the initiative to the investigation organ to surrender, and truthfully confessed his crime. After the incident, a Shanghai ticketing agency and Wang quit all the money, including Wang court to withdraw the stolen money 100 thousand yuan. A heavy industry company issued a written understanding of the four. The court held that the defendant Zhang Lian, Guo Moujia, a work and a heavy industry company personnel Wang Wang collusion, use of his office, will be the unit of more than 21 yuan of illegal possession of large amount, constitute embezzlement, and the Department of the crime, the defendant Wang Department of principal, the defendant Zhang Lian, Guo Moujia, an accomplice. According to the four defendant’s criminal facts, nature, repentance plot, the court are guilty of embezzlement, sentenced to imprisonment Wang a month of the year; Guo Moujia was sentenced to one year; Zhang, a two low on probation. Reporter Rao sword Intern Shi Tengteng相关的主题文章: