Women walk along the clothes do not look back when the color is changed to be arrested (Figure)-truffe

Woman walking along clothes too go to change color when caught (Figure) original title: wonderful woman stole away the clothes too Shun color change back caught video capture video capture "we had reported to the police, the police at the scene tune monitoring, we see her (the thief) even came back!" Yesterday, when it comes to this thing, Chaotianmen, a mall employees feel incredible. It turned out that in November 9th, a woman in the test clothes, Shun walked a coat, I did not expect second days because of the color of the clothes do not look too good to go, decided to come back for another. Mall less suit is the customer puts on the evening of November 9th, the name of Chaotianmen mall booth clerk in the office when clearance, found a small set of clothes. How about "accounts are not on, so we see the dressing room has a set of old clothes, come new clothes must be worn away." Salesperson Wang said, the stolen clothes is a down jacket, shirt and leggings, priced at nearly 1000 yuan. The second day early in the morning, Wang et al reported to the police, the Chaotianmen police station the police immediately, investigators access to video surveillance by the police found the suspect is a middle-aged woman. The original monitoring showed that on the 9 day at 12 o’clock, the middle-aged woman trying on clothes, a set of new clothes store (a black jacket, a black leather pants, backing a black shirt) wore their old clothes in the dressing room, while operating who fled unprepared. The suspect himself came back to the stolen clothes for a color monitor screenshot when the police are looking for suspects, a dramatic scene, she actually came back again. On the morning of 11 points for a long time, went to the mall this suspect name booth, in the same way, his old clothes in the dressing room, wearing a new dress shop (a red jacket, a black leggings and a black shirt), behaved as if nothing had happened came at the door, ready to flee. Police and sales staff in the monitoring room to observe the woman’s every move at the door, waiting for the opportunity to mature, it was caught on the spot. Upon inquiry, the suspect according to Chen explained, to attend my nephew’s wedding next week, she want to buy a new dress, but her husband does not give money, their own good face, feel no decent clothes is not good, so he went to steal. 9 she stole the success of the home and found that they do not like it, so the same day in the same way to the same store to steal, to change a good-looking 10…… And she will be stolen yesterday down to the name mall, store to the next booth, ready to steal a red jacket, then quietly black back, the results did not succeed to be arrested by the police. At present, the suspect Chen has been detained, the case is still pending. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: