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Wipe the date in the supermarket moon cake sell gift manufacturers: last year inventory – Beijing original title: change the date of the next year Gongyifu moon cake sell? Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the supermarket shopping malls selling hot moon. Some people find that there are two production date in Beijing ershang group Gongyifu packing box, Lotte Mart Yonghui supermarket to buy, imprinted clear date is August of this year, show the fuzzy for last August. Buy this moon cake sun to the food safety law as the basis, to ask the supermarket 10 times compensation. Supermarket executives said they are actively looking for manufacturers to negotiate. Beijing ershang group Gongyifu moon cake sales responsible person said that the problem is in the box, moon cake itself is no problem. Reporter yesterday visited the major supermarkets, did not find a two date of production of goods, but in many Gongyifu packing box to see the production date wipe traces. People reflect a box of moon cakes both public date Mr. Sun told the Beijing morning news reporters yesterday, the day before he bought two boxes of Beijing ershang group Gongyifu Xin Li Ruyi moon cakes in the Lotte Mart supermarket gongyixiqiao shop, only to find the production date printed on the moon cake box below to take home, actually there is a row of font is not the same production date. Reporters saw from the sun to produce a shopping small ticket, and he is buying moon cake in August 21st this year, the price of 158 yuan per box, clear the box on the packaging production date is August 1, 2016, and beneath it, there is another font print "production date: 2015.08.12" (left). Behind the moon cake box, the commodity description says its shelf life is 60 days. Sun said, if the 2015 date is true, then these two boxes of moon cake expired nearly a year". So he expired food 10 times the price of commodities on the grounds, proposed claim to Lotte mart. The reporter found in the survey, Gongyifu, moon cake gift box "double production date" not only appeared in the Lotte Mart supermarket. Mr. Ye the Lugu Yonghui supermarket shop to buy Gongyifu Yixiang moon cake also appeared in the above situation, the price of 218 yuan per box. In the marked August 1, 2016 production date, the looming "August 2015" imprinting. The reporter was wiping gift date yesterday, the reporter visited the Auchan, WAL-MART and other large supermarkets, found in a number of moon cake sales booth, Gongyifu moon cake gift box occupies a space for one person, including two members of the public to buy "double date" with a gift box. Although these are not "double date" in the sale of the box, but the box printed part of the production date can be seen around the surface to be polished "water seal", a black printing ink left (right). Reporters opened the package to see the production date only printed on the moon cake box, which is not marked on the independent packaging. Reporters from Gongyifu plastic packaging to see the moon cake independent Mr. Lu said back yards, by 10 combinations of numbers and letters and. In Auchan supermarket Kexing store, the reporter asked shopping guide, Gongyifu moon cake box production date on the side why suspected altered, the other said "not clear"相关的主题文章: