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Travel-and-Leisure When you are planning your next Jamaica vacation, do not forget to consider the unique experience of St Thomas. While St Thomas Jamaica is undoubtedly influenced heavily with the Caribbean flavor, it also has a flavor all its own, with definite influences from both the Danish and Fresh cultures. In addition, the residents of St Thomas are just about as laid back as you can get, which further adds to the overall atmosphere of relaxation. St Thomas has the unique distinction of having it all under one roof, or in other words, having a great choice of activities no matter what your flavor is. St Thomas has some of the most beautiful beaches of all the Caribbean islands, white sandy beaches that allow you to quietly soak up the sun as you let all the tension leave your body. St Thomas also has mountains which are speckled with exotic plants and greenery, providing a sight that is breath taking almost any time of the year. And the St Thomas night life is one that is laid back, yet energized to allow you to have fun and dance the night away. If relaxation is the key ingredient for your next vacation, you cannot go wrong by ensuring that you include a stop in St Thomas. In fact, make your vacation plans flexible, since once you have experienced St Thomas, you are sure to find that only a day or two does not provide enough justice to all that St Thomas has to offer the vacation traveler. It is sometimes difficult to believe that an island that is less than 35 square miles can offer so much. If you enjoy art, St Thomas offers that too. There are multiple exhibits and art festivals that seem to create and endorse a sense of individuality and creativity. You should be sure to visit the Mango Tango Gallery to see the art on display there, as well as Riise’s Gallery and Estate Tutu. Many of the creators of the exhibits here are either native to St Thomas or have moved there and reside there permanently now, having been captured by the scenic beauty that St Thomas offers. As you dine at almost any of the many charming restaurants along Main Street, you might assume you have entered a time warp machine and have been transported magically to Europe because of the very strong French and European flavor that is readily evident. The food is sure not to disappoint you either, as you sample many of the local dishes, where your taste buds will be rewarded richly for having such a sense of adventure. Finding adequate accommodations in St Thomas Jamaica should be at the very bottom of your list of worries and concerns. For only slightly more than a standard hotel, you can find vacation rentals, that include thoughtful touches such as a kitchen (perhaps stocked), and even a fenced back yard so that your privacy can remain intact as you relax. If you have not yet experienced the joy of a Jamaica vacation, you definitely need to start that planning now. And be sure to include St Thomas on your itinerary, you will not regret it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: