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Why is it a good idea to work 30 hours a week? BI Chinese station on September 7th reported on Wednesday, Amazon announced that it was ready to try to implement a new work plan, so that dozens of employees work only 30 hours a week. In exchange, these employees will take only 75% of the salary, and retain all benefits. For many Americans in the working time of 60 hours in the case, this policy is seen by many people as the only proper course to take to encourage people lazy. However, through the study of flexible work plan and work efficiency, the actual situation is just the opposite. In fact, the 30 hour workweek is exactly what the exhausted American workforce needs. "When you hear the news for the first time, you may wonder if Amazon will put people’s interests at heart." Human resources experts and recruitment website Crowded co-founder Joe Lubin (Joe Rubin) said. After all, Amazon lowers pay for those who work less hours. "But if you go into it, you’ll find that it’s actually a very good idea. It allows more people to join the workforce." Lubin said that if the implementation of 30 hours a week working system, then a lot of new PO mom and other responsibilities of the people can remain flexible work plan, without having to leave for a long time. Amazon to provide employees with more flexible work arrangements, which also conveys the message: life outside the work is also very important. This policy also shows that the world’s second largest retailer acknowledges the limitations of human cognition, whether it is intentional or unintentional. The human attention span is short. There is evidence that we can only focus on a task for a few hours at a time. A few hours later, we will feel tired, thoughts began to wander. After the peak in our attention, our performance will be commonplace, even go downhill. "If you force people to go beyond their maximum focus, you’re likely to get them into some bad habits." Top work psychology expert K- Anders – (K. Anders Ericsson) said. For example, people who are accustomed to their work until the time. The long hours of work will only force them to start browsing YouTube videos aimlessly and gradually to kill time. The staff involved in the Amazon’s new work plan will work from Monday to Thursday, working hours from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Amazon’s decision to try out a new work policy has also sent a message to other big companies that startups are not the only ones who care about people’s well-being. Big companies will change over time. "I’m not sure whether big companies are scrambling to implement such a policy." He said, "but, if such a system works, if Amazon through the trial of such a policy to boost the morale of the employees, to attract more people to join the labor force, then other companies will implement such a policy." Lubin acknowledged that the pilot work policy will produce some negative相关的主题文章: