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When cooking the following four habits: cancer risk — food channel — people.com.cn original title: cooking the following four habits have carcinogenic risk after cooking pot brush then fried a lot of people in order to save or see the pot is relatively clean, often the first dish fried after directly fried a. However, the seemingly clean pot can be attached to the surface of oil and food residue, when again when heated to high temperature, may produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene. Therefore, we suggest that each fried the dish should be carefully cleaned after the pot and stir fry the next road, which not only reduced the production of harmful substances, but also to prevent a cooking condiment and residue under the influence of a dish taste and sell. Fried food immediately closed hood cooking process will produce large amounts of harmful substances, and lampblack machine played a very big role in eliminating the waste gas field. Some people love cooking after, immediately turn off the cooker. In fact, the waste gas discharge time is necessary when cooking lampblack machine, after still not exhaust row clean residues in the kitchen. After cooking, may wish to continue to run the hood 3~5 minutes, to ensure that the exhaust gas completely. In addition, when cooking to close the kitchen door, and opened the window, this can reduce the residues of harmful substances in the kitchen to a certain extent. Oil smoke when the pot until the smoke, so the temperature often has reached more than 200 DEG C, then put the pot dishes that produce carcinogens will increase the risk of cancer. Under this condition, many nutrients in vegetables have been destroyed. In addition, at this temperature, not only the fat soluble vitamins are destroyed, but also the essential fatty acids in the human body are damaged by oxidation. When cooking, should control the temperature at 150 degrees centigrade ~ 180. The easiest way is to put the bamboo chopsticks into the oil, when the surrounding a lot of small bubbles, it means that the temperature is hot enough to put the pot. The rest of the oil is used for cooking a lot of people not willing to throw the frying oil, also used for high temperature cooking or frying. However, this approach is very undesirable, because the oil will be heated at high temperature to produce trans fatty acids and toxic oil oxidation products, continued to use this oil when cooking, carcinogenic production will increase dramatically. This kind of oil should avoid high temperature heating, can be used to make a stew or pastry rolls etc.. How to cook healthy food expert advice, do not wait until the re soy oil smoke pot. This approach in addition to the release of acrylamide more easily, but also produce a lot of toxic substances, the body has a hundred harm and no benefit. Secondly, recommended fried stuffy, also called decoction method of cooking, which is to put the oil, until the oil temperature suitable cook in, such as temperature, water seeping vegetables, cover the lid immediately stuffy cook together. At this time, the steam will be up at once, 100 degrees Celsius steam can completely cooked vegetables. Just need to pay attention to the heat, the best use of fire, because the fire is too small, the steam to get up. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: