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What did you talk about with your little friends over the years? Sohu car to a year of the school season, can not help but think of Xiao Bian, 05 years when he read the University of the scene: Sports sister chat life (of course, learning is also very important!!!!) Remember that it was a night to kick the ball, a group of small partners began to talk about learning things. (Xiao Bian was reading the car professional) do you think, in the future you will be the first car to buy what car? Roommate A (hereinafter referred to as A): Dongfeng Yueda KIA maxima. Red, 1.6. Is a red jump to ah. At that time the price is: 62 thousand and 800 -9.18 Wan B then said: "Le wind ah, Le wind good. The last time I hit the black car in front of the school gate, is a style of music (the school was relatively remote, the school from the nearest bus station is 4 km, 5. Xiao Bian here you advise readers to take the black car danger, and there is no guarantee, we can not sit as far as possible), don’t sit sit inside quite comfortable, I also satisfied with the instrument, I also very love. If I buy, I’ll buy a blue one." Then B said "but it is a front brake disc and drum, I still love the four round is full of dishes, good heat dissipation, and it seems to have some high-grade." At that time the price is: 74 thousand and 900 -10.19 million how to buy a car ah, nothing, I will buy A4." Roommate C said: "the taillights look good ah. Also I want to open the skylight, skylight and money in the future "(when the drama" struggle ", which really have such a scenario, yes, open is a silver Audi A4 price: 27.54-50.99 million at the time) at this time, A said," yes, indeed. Conditions in the future. I also get a car to play, but the money will not spread, keep their flowers." At this time, the rest of the roommate D, "well, I will buy a car battery ride, such, can also" Roman holiday "D" gestures to beam with joy. At that time the price: unknown now, time flies, blink of an eye over the years. Some time ago, a college roommate came out together together, chatted about the topic, there is still something more to say. Xiao Bian also advise you just entered university students, down-to-earth, seriously study and enjoy his time at college. Remember, it’s not a waste to enjoy it. After all, Mr. Wang teaches us to "set a small goal for ourselves."". Ladies and gentlemen, is also very curious, the last four people in the end what car. I announced one by one, first of all, A B finally did not buy music. C finally did not open A4 everywhere money. D finally bought a battery car, but also bought his first car. See here, do you also think of that year together in the bedroom of a chat car funny force? Make a phone call, or send a message to contact it, in the beginning of the day. Buy a car car, answer: my WeChat public concern no.!相关的主题文章: