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What did the Red Army march through to Guizhou today? Beijing – 80 years ago, when the Red Army entered Guizhou, is just experienced a bloody battle, in a more passive situation; when the red army out of Guizhou, has the initiative, to achieve a great turning point in the long march. There is always a subtle connection between history and reality. Liping, Weng’an, Zunyi…… The footprints of the Red Army were distributed in 68 counties of Guizhou. What is the fate of the Red Army and Guizhou in the Long March, and what is left to the people of Guizhou today? The Liping meeting Memorial Hongkong daily Huang Qingsong photo red "nostalgia": the children before going out to take him to see the memorial was built in Hongwu eighteen years (1385) Alice street, today is still bustling. Guizhou Liping local people with various shops here, selling souvenirs, handicrafts, Silver Red etc.. There is a house in the original Hu merchant street, is the site of the Liping conference". 82 years ago, the Red Army had held "Liping conference" here, the meeting decided to give up to the confluence of Xiangxi and red two, red six army plans to go deep into the hinterland of Guizhou, Northern Guizhou built in Zunyi as the center of the edge of the claim according to the new sichuan. The meeting turned the Red Army Long March from the passive situation, but also for the Zunyi conference held a victory for the political, military and ideological. "I thought, the Liping meeting is so important, why not the memorial hall?" Yi Yi is the curator of the Liping Convention hall. In 2004 he had this idea, after careful planning and hard work, and finally in 2009, the Liping meeting site opposite to starting a new Liping meeting Memorial and opening up. Last year, Liping came to visit the memorial meeting of the registered number of tourists has reached 580 thousand people, recently a day for 3 months to receive thousands of people. I am the initiative to do this work, the leadership did not explain, but I just want to do it." Yi Jun said, people told me that the old man had only heard the story of the Red Army, with the museum is a very good education base. Liping is not a prelude to the great turning point? Children go to school, go to the army to go to work this’ turning ‘, we must take him to look at." The Red Army fighting Loushanguan monument to the people’s daily client Feng Huiwen photo fame gathering popularity: red culture helps Loushanguan village characteristics of rattan products selling the country in the north of Guizhou Province, it, the growth of a vine. Use it into furniture, sweat absorbent breathable, cool and comfortable, lightweight and durable, rattan is at the foot of Zunyi City Lou Banqiao Village Loushanguan traditional craft. Many people are not familiar with the name "Loushanguan", is Chairman Mao’s "Iron Man Road as" refers to the place. In 1935, the Red Army here achieved "Loushanguan victory" is an important victory of the long march. In 2004, Loushanguan village belongs to a class of provincial poverty village, the village per capita income 1500 yuan in the family, the main source of income to rely on the basic coastal workers. Ma Yi is one of the villagers, he worked in a Guangdong production of rattan furniture furniture factory)相关的主题文章: