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When talking about the "double eleven", what we are talking about the science and technology Sohu | Lang Xi "double eleven" this year, through its eighth years, what is the meaning of it, or is that the suction pump on the release of consumer demand, the value of it where? This problem may not have a standard answer, like "black Friday" in North America also has been a traditional society, it can be classified as the topic of Humanities and Social Sciences in the warehouse, but with the logic of science and not too much. Geek founder huobang technology Thailand last year will be "stable" Chinese technology open day meeting that Silicon Valley, he said Ali for "double eleven" skills in the field of peak concurrent flow is one of the most concerned about the topic, at least at the technical level, the per annual exercises to the immediate lifting the Internet Co’s overall stress level. On the other hand, Ali hope as a business line economic link global ambitions, this has long been ready. Ma Yun is keen to sell on the political and economic industry "eWTP", is a national border and to break the traditional rules of the economy at the same time with the prototype, Ali this company founded vision: let the world is not difficult to do business. This is a very elastic words. From the 2014 "double eleven" to start, it was integrated into the global strategy, and seventeen years ago, the characteristics of the Internet itself from scarcity to inclusive, gradually with the basic property of energy type, and the goods moved to the line, also no longer able to make the business is difficult to do the target. So Ali began to emphasize the empowerment, where the ability to better export sales, where long-term and long-term to attract businesses and brands. It might be the recent "double eleven" as "eWTP" one of the warlords, constantly Fengeng overseas businesses at the same time, the domestic demand is billions of precise quantitative become digital, it is comparable to Marco Polo described · "golden tile roof, brick paving" Oriental palace. In a conversation with Bochner, Boston’s president, Mr Ma talked about what he conceived of as an organization that was initiated by the business sector rather than the government. Although he has been trying to lower the plan sovereignty color, even for "farmers in Philippines can be sold to Chinese mango" through the online platform, but in fact, is only a political dispute earlier, let boycott free trade has become a nationalist use of weapons, a direct threat to the merchant’s expectations. "I remember when the Alibaba started 17 years ago, someone told me that you don’t want to do Ma e-commerce in China, Chinese do not want to buy things on the Internet, because they are lack of trust, they prefer face-to-face transactions, but I said 13 billion Chinese I believe we can. Find 1300 people willing to follow this rule. Now there are 200 countries and regions in the world, I believe we can find two to three countries are willing to follow the rules. We don’t care whether they are big or small, and we care about their willingness to support the rules to help our small and medium enterprises. "It is not easy to do. Examination.相关的主题文章: