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Wenzhou women’s card less 5000 suspected stolen mobile phone is daughter with red envelopes seeing their bank card nearly 5000 yuan bank card that Ms. Chen take wings to itself, are criminals fraudulent, hurried to the police station the police. Unexpectedly, after a careful check by the police, but was found to have been issued with a cell phone red hair off, and the red envelope was actually her own daughter. October 7th afternoon, Ouhai District Panqiao street, Ms. Chen suddenly received a bank debit message, that there are several pen debit information is 200 yuan each. Ms. Chen surprise. She said, my bank card is not from the body, and no consumption, how will be charged It is without rhyme or reason.? At that time, after the bank had time off, she had to wait until the morning of second days to check the bank card bill. The next morning, Ms. Chen went to the bank to check, a scare. The bill shows that in October 7th her bank card has a total of more than and 20 pen debit records, a total of nearly 5000 yuan. Ms. Chen think her bank card and Alipay are bound, they think is being fraudulent, hurried to the Pan Bridge police station. After police alarm, carefully check the bill, the bill and found no Alipay consumer records. Therefore, the police believe that the possibility of the existence of stolen brush. It is understood that Ms. Chen’s bank card also bound WeChat wallet. After the consent of the consent of Ms. Chen, the police opened Ms. Chen WeChat view WeChat red. By viewing the red record, the police found the day of October 7th, Ms. Chen’s cell phone made more than and 20 red envelopes, a total of nearly $5000. The police to understand Ms. Chen in October 7th will no mobile phone for others to use, when Ms. Chen see light suddenly. Originally, her mobile phone password only to her and her 14 year old daughter know, daughter often borrow her mobile phone to play, because of the curious daughter using a mobile phone WeChat red binding function, Ms. Chen put money in the bank card envelopes, but also removed the red envelopes record and most of the banks records. Because the message delay reasons, Ms. Chen received the last few pen debit records, and found the bank card was charged, let her think that the bank card was fraudulent.相关的主题文章: