Wen’s shares deep new opportunities to the pig breeding industry supply side reforms kaya scodelario

Wen’s shares deep new opportunities to the pig farming industry supply side reform hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times reporter Li Yingquan Wen’s? Raise a pig to raise a pig?" These are some of the inherent impression of Wen’s shares (300498). If it is just a pig and chicken company, but how to do the GEM market value of the first stock? With this problem, in September 28th, a large number of institutional investors and the media into the headquarters of Wen’s shares, and the company executives face to face the current situation of the company’s development. Experienced 33 years of development, Wen’s stock is no longer the simple "chicken pig" enterprise, has the modern agriculture and animal husbandry equipment, including the production of animal health products, food processing, such as financial investment business supporting the whole industry chain. In 2015, the company listed pigs amounted to 15 million 350 thousand, ranked first in the country, is ranked second MAKIHARA shares (002714) 7.5 times, is Chinese agricultural territory "aircraft carrier". Accelerate the scale of farming for aquaculture enterprises, the 2015 implementation of the history of the most stringent new environmental law is undoubtedly a major event to change the industry trend. In accordance with the provisions of the new environmental law, local governments pay close attention to the breeding of environmental protection, the delineation of a number of restricted areas and prohibited areas, the demolition or closure of many farms. The report statistics, since 2012, a total of 30 million small pig farmers around the demolition. For Wen’s shares is located in Guangdong, the Provincial Department of agriculture, Department of land and environmental protection department jointly issued the "Guangdong province pig production development planning and regional layout (2008~2020)", according to the requirements of environmental carrying capacity, optimize the pig industry layout, to the construction and expansion of pig farms in the Pearl River Delta in principle, the total field of pig culture control of Dongjiang River basin. At present, around the level of the province, have been designated the ban, closure and relocation of farms about 25 thousand, involving the amount of 3 million 150 thousand. In the opinion of Chen Feng Wen’s vice president of shares, aquaculture industry has experienced a loss in the first half of 2014 ~2015 years, accompanied by the introduction of new environmental law and the implementation of forced market, industrial upgrading, great changes have taken place in the pig industry layout, the huge number of scattered farms closed, households and a large number of small enterprises out of large enterprises is irreversible. But the opportunity to expand the scale of development, the pig industry is still in the golden age. Small and medium enterprises to make a pig of the pressure of environmental protection, but the advantage of the shares of the temperature. According to reports, Wen’s shares as early as 5 years ago, the environmental protection work as an important part of enterprise development strategy, the production units are in strict accordance with the construction of environmental protection standards supporting improved environmental protection facilities, formed a complete model of ecological health culture. In recent years, Wen’s shares annual investment in environmental protection accounted for a total investment of about 10%, through active environmental projects, improve livestock and poultry farm environmental protection facilities, the formulation of environmental protection procedures, management system, from the source to reduce pollution. The implementation of the most stringent environmental law相关的主题文章: