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Health .plete Home Health Care for the Family by Ania Kastashchuk B.Sc., B.Edu N.C. I Recently a very strong new trend appeared in the health market. It is called obesity as a health problem. Fatness is not perceived as consequence of lifestyle abnormality anymore. Extra pounds are rather treated as a disease, like lets say heart disease or diabetes. If there is a disease, there should be a cure. Many instant cures for overweight appeared on the market, and it might seem quite overwhelming to choose between different approaches and formulas. Try this, try that. Weight loss became a big industry and a great source of in.e. Many businesses thrive on making fat reduction surgeries, selling herbal teas, creating diet and exercise programs. However, concerns about their effectiveness and safety are only one side of the coin. The second part of this trend is formation of a new mentality weight looser. These are some concepts of this new mental body and weight perception: 1. Being overweight is shameful, ugly, and highly undesirable, and everyone should fight with it vigorously. 2. Slim, sexy posture with perfect proportions is an etalon of beauty and everyone should have it. 3. Those who are not able to get rid of extra weight or those who gain it back are cowards, gluttons, lazy bones and lacking will power. 4. Once saved is forever saved. The right cure or pill will help you to lose weight fast, effortlessly and permanently. 5. Focus is on magic pills rather than on lifestyle changes. The most avoided word in many weight loss programs is CHANGES. I read on a weight loss product: It will change your life, even if you dont. Sounds seductive, but how in the world can that happen? What are the consequences of the new body and beauty philosophy? These are much more significant that one might think at first. 1. A very low self-esteem in overweight people and not only. Those who do not look exactly like super slim models (even thought people having such looks are not necessarily healthy) are not popular and not beautiful enough. However, too skinny people often have little energy, are hypoglycemic, hypotonic and malnourished, feel very cold in winter time and even might have difficulty to sit on the chair (because of lack of fat it feels painful or un.fortable). 2. Eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia be.e more widespread, as many try to fight shameful fatness and are teared apart by guilt. I met a lady who would not make a green smoothie, because she did not want to add 2 apples to it: Too many calories, she said. Weight Loss3. A calorie calculation obsession. Many people are not aware that amount of calories a person consumes has nothing to do with weight. I was serving a diet of almost 2000 kcalories per day to hundreds of people, and they were not only not gaining weight, they were able to lose up to 21 lb in 10 days. If you juice several carrots, you will get a lot of calories. But will you get fat from a cup of juice? Following this and other nutritional misconceptions, for example, that all fats are bad, can lead to malnutrition, serious health problems, eating disorders, being very harsh with oneself, as well as constant obsession with calorie calculation. 4. Women stop being in charge of their health. They hope for cure instead of being ready and motivated to change their lifestyles. Deep in heart no one is willing to change. However, if you continue doing what you have been doing you will get the same results that you are getting. Be in charge of your own health and destiny. Do not let an image created by society to form your self image. Trust yourself and love yourself as you are. Set a reasonable goal and go for it. Do you remember a fairy-tale about tortoise and hare? Slow and steady wins. Do not look for magic, live a magical life. Do not dream about fairy that will transform the poor Cinderella into a princess, be your own fairy and transform your life and the life of others for the better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: