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We heard |, Wine take these gifts with OH – Sohu and Abstract: when Wine sent to relatives and friends, feel what? The wine world network (micro signal: wine-world) an idea for you, look at these Wine gifts to partner with them, you will be more abundant and more intimate gift oh. Want to give gifts to relatives and friends? Well, it’s a good choice to celebrate and share the wine. Is it a bit dull to send a bottle of wine? Not afraid to take a look at these five gifts of wine the best partner, as long as the choice of one or more of the same, your gift set on the right. 1 dual-purpose decanter with filtering and shunt sobering effect dual-purpose decanters, it has a slender as the pen into the bottle neck of the trunk, to the mouth. In Wine, Wine first after dual-purpose decanter, pieces of sediment or cork with the liquor will be filtered. At the same time, because of the opening of dual-use decanter is fine, Wine flow out of the relatively small, can increase the Wine and air contact, to achieve the purpose. The content of the 2 tasting suite is different, but the most basic objects are the same. A wine tasting kit including the basic wine stopper, record wine information catalog, similar to bookmarks (wine bottle label to distinguish), this record, tasting for recording label sticker tear scavenger and manual tasting etc.. If there are many people tasting party, can also choose two or more servings of wine combination packages. 3 wine related books for professional wine people, to send a professional authoritative wine books is a good choice. What about Amateur wine lovers? Suggestions can be sent to introduce a classic grape varieties, wine producing areas or Wine brewing history based on the books, let the other side in the taste of Wine over, but also increase the understanding, insight, might become like-minded drinking! 4 wine teaching DVD or video tape to send a special engraving on Wine brewing teaching DVD, or send a copy of the Wine history video tape, is also the perfect gift partner oh. Imagine, when the other party receives your Wine package, can see the video, tasting the wine, what a pleasant thing ah. Or, it’s a good choice to send wine related movies DVD. 5 (Champagne) to open a bottle of champagne bottle of champagne is the most common method in after removing the outside of the wire cover, wrap with a towel and turn the bottle cork, until you hear the crisp sound "puff". In this process, the oak plug is easy to spray out accidentally hit people. However, there is a bottle of champagne is not the same. The champagne bottle opener can hold the cork at the top, and then forcibly unscrew the cork, when cork along the airflow blown out just stuck in the opener. This bottle opener does not need to worry about because the cork injury problems, but also a close!相关的主题文章: