Was passed away Liuxiaolingtong has reported protection of rights (video)-puritans pride

Was passed away? Liuxiaolingtong has been reported to safeguard the rights and interests of Liuxiaolingtong micro-blog micro-blog Liuxiaolingtong Liuxiaolingtong forwarded screenshots lawyer Bo rumor "death" at rumourmongers Tencent and online entertainment news recently about "Liuxiaolingtong died of illness" rumors. Subsequently, Liuxiaolingtong micro-blog rumor, and angrily rumors, while I hope netizens friends do not believe rumors rumors, please check before forwarding". In September 12th, Liuxiaolingtong, a lawyer, published micro-blog, saying that the "dead" rumor has been reported. The evening of September 12th, Liuxiaolingtong lawyer said: "just a lawyer accompanied by Yue, Feng Weijie on behalf of Liuxiaolingtong and Liuxiaolingtong studio, to Beijing Xicheng District City Public Security Bureau police station" by Liuxiaolingtong Tan network rumor death ‘report, and made a record, the event has brought Liuxiaolingtong’s own life and work extremely influence bad, thank you for your concern and support!" In this regard, users also have a message and support behind, severely punish those who spread the rumor: "these people really eat nothing to do, random rumors. Wu-k’ung thought bullied!!! Must be severely punished!!!" "Is to give these people a little color to see see! Eat an old sun."相关的主题文章: