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Business Students of Hustle & TECHknow are seeking part time jobs to utilize skills they have learned in Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe Photoshop, HTML tags and Visual Basic. Students are eagerly creating websites for entry into the Oracle Think quest .petition. Hustle & TECHknow is a technology preparatory high school serving dropouts ages 16-19. Hustle & TECHknow is located in Downtown Detroit on the campus of its partner, .puware Corporation, allowing students first hand view of the corporate technology world. Ida Byrd-Hill, founder of Hustle & TECHknow, believes Corporate America especially technology, is the ultimate hustle and that urban youth need more exposure to this hustle. With that premise she affectionately names this unique school where students attend classes virtually 5 hours a day, Hustle & TECHknow. Students, ages 13-23, are considered technical natives having been raised with cell phones, DVDs, video games consoles and PM3 players since birth. These students have developed the skill of self challenge that drives their mastery of video games in which they can be found manipulating — every day of the week sitting for hours. Their intensity and seriousness surrounding video games have caused major retailers such as EB Games and Gamestop to move to inner city locations to capture their business. Students will receive a high school diploma as this school is one of the 13 schools contracting with Detroit Public Schools to attract and assist high school dropouts .plete their high school diploma. While a high school diploma is necessary in today’s world, it takes more than a high school diploma for students to successfully move into the world of work. It requires business etiquette and technology skills. Hustle & TECHknow students have .pleted a business Protocol class, a series of professionalism classes developed by .puware’s recruiting department. They are now learning business social etiquette and standard American culture. Employers, who are interested in employing these tech forward students, please call Hustle & TECHknow at 313-961-0701 to schedule an appointment, tour, or discussion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: