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Wanda aged bribery case exposure "cannot tolerate corruption" Wang Jianlin anger in a recent judgment published by the media, the original Jincheng Dalian Municipal Committee was in 1998 to 2015 years of accepting illegal more than and 30 real estate companies bribery, which involves Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group, and close friend Wang Jianlin Sun Xishuang in charge of Dalian Wan Feng. "Source: Referee network according to the Benxi city procuratorate accused, Jincheng Dalian Wanda in enterprise restructuring, business development in 2007~2009 years before and after the use of his office to help. Thank you for offering help, then served as Dalian Wanda real estate company manager and cold Moumou had 2008 and 2009 successively from the company’s financial accounts removed 300 thousand yuan to jincheng. "Source: Referee network judgment mentioned, briber Moumou served as cold company directors, manager. Business information, 2007~2009 years, Dalian Wanda Real Estate Co., Ltd., general manager of the registration of the name of cold transfer gold. His early years as a director of the company, and in January 2006 was hired as general manager of the company, until 2010 the position taken over by others. Source: "referee network cold transfer payment in 2010 resigned after they were in the Wanda Group in other business company. According to the Commission disclosed in November last year, Wanda Commercial A shares prospectus shows that as of the end of June 30, 2015, the cold transfer of gold is still one of the shareholders of Wanda Commercial natural person, a total of 12 million shares held. Figure September 29th, Wanda Group’s official website issued on the cold transfer of gold, Han Yuqiu punishment decision. Recently, some media published reports on the Jincheng bribery case, group learned that, when he was the general manager of Dalian Wanda Commercial Company Leng Chuanjin and vice president of finance Han Yuqiu worked in the Xigang District of Dalian city in 2008 and 2009 two unauthorized misappropriation of company funds 300 thousand yuan bribe when he was the former mayor, district committee secretary jincheng. For Wanda Group Decision: 1, cold pass serious violation of group financial regulations, unauthorized embezzlement bribery, it brings serious negative impact to the group, the primary responsibility; 2, the implementation of financial group has always vertical management, Han Yuqiu as vice president of Finance in the financial center group fails to report the case of unauthorized biography with cold misappropriation of gold company funds, directly responsible; 3, the group decided to avoid cold transfer, chief engineer Kim Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd post, terminate the labor contract; in view of the South Korea al retired, no additional administrative sanctions; 4, the board of directors of the group decided to temporarily freeze two people held in Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate shares stopped two equity dividends 5, instructed the group; Audit Center immediately rushed to the Dalian company, carries on the investigation to the cold, the two Koreas and Dalian’s financial situation According to the results of the investigation and then make further sanctions decision. According to die Zeit reported that in many occasions, Wang Jianlin expressed the intolerable corruption attitude. In a speech in June 23, 2015, he opened a private enterprise to remedy is "corruption", "corruption to curb no boundary expansion of state-owned enterprises, put a lot of corruption by collusion swept away from the market, greatly reduce the unfair phenomenon on the market." He said. For corruption相关的主题文章: