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Wallace Huo s greetings to fans of   when the fake account was blocked – Shandong channel — people.com.cn original title: Wallace Huo s greeting fans were blocked when the false account according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Wallace Huo since his debut 19 years, for the fans is a kind, no shelves, but because did not do any social networking accounts, there are few opportunities on the Internet and interactive fans. However, he had to care for the fans, an account, in the Post Bar message greetings, did not think no one believe is one finally poor Lord blockade account, said laughing now have brood on! Wallace Huo not because love exposure private life, since his debut not used micro-blog, Facebook fans, but recently in a magazine interview, said he had applied for an account in Post Bar "is called me, uncle Huo", and "Wallace Huo" message and fans, "you want to greet you good, I really did not expect, but no one believed to be one, not long after it was blocked, so he felt angry and funny, still keep the brood on the screenshot… News, many netizens enthusiastic about this matter, Wallace Huo laughing deficit "is the first letter of the star fans Post Bar vest", "this ID I want a", "now it is estimated in the effort to remember what year is this". Also surprised said, before really in Post Bar read this account, "the Lord to him by posing as delete posts, and then he was scolded, you said if Wallace Huo I is the Jade Emperor, or I just like Andy Lau." I know now that no material is really one big joke caused. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: