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Fashion-Style All the seasons in the university life are very attracting and charming for the students, because of their special attachments of them with each of them. However, in the summer season, students change their wearing stuff accordingly, which usually .prises of the sweatshirts and t shirts of different designs. In the Stanford university, the students f this university have made a Stanford university collection store for the students of the university. In this collection store different products of daily use are available at the price lower than the market. Furthermore, the monogram of the university is also labelled and printed on all the articles of daily use for example the shirts, pants, hoodies, caps, hats, mugs, pens and glasses etc. In the .ing summer season the demand of the sweatshirts will also increase tremendously. While keeping this fact in mind the workers of the Stanford university collection store have prepared special Stanford sweatshirts. These shirts are made up of the good quality stuff and are labelled with the university monogram. The university monogram, .prising of the capital S with the tree is printed on these sweatshirts. Stanford university collection store is a .pletely student run business. It works as a division of Stanford Students Enterprises (SSE). The objective of this Enterprise is to provide the sources to generate small businesses to the students and the employees of the university for the generation of profit. The university body gains benefit from this system. The basic reason for the creation of this Stanford students store is to provide the students with the products of best quality at their door step in the premises of the university at the very low cost. Meanwhile, the employees and the workers of the university working in the store can also gain revenue from this business. From the day of its creation in 1995, the Stanford university collection store has been successfully working to fulfill the requirements of the students of the Stanford University. It has produced a large variety of products which are used in daily life. The glory and the proud of the university, the monogram of the university is also printed on all the articles to make them special. The Stanford sweatshirts are also very famous because of the cloth stuff and the lower price. More information: The Stanford Students Store is a non profit .anization made by the students for the students. The website of the Stanford students store is available for the order of the products. One can easily subscribe for the newsletters and information about the new products. One can also get 10% further off on all articles by liking their page at social media. For more information, contact them by mail at [email protected] from 10am to 8pm daily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: