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Video – Overseas Volunteers approached Chongqing special children: embrace the "star of the child" [commentary] "God took away some of your things, will certainly give you special abilities. You will be able to overcome the secular vision, live their own wonderful." On a postcard to the children of the stars in Chongqing, Zhang Shirui, a volunteer from Malaysia, wrote. "Children of the stars" in medicine known as autistic children, from Chinese, Germany, Malaysia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia and other countries at home and abroad dozens of volunteers in 6 weeks time, with more than 100 "children of the stars", so that this group of special children feel the exotic customs. [comment] in August 25th, the reporter saw in Chongqing Rongzhi special education center these volunteers, and children from overseas who play together, to accompany them to draw, although the language barrier between them, but the body through communication and patient care, these children slowly to open their mind. Shirui Zhang from Malaysia is the first time to participate in public welfare activities, and through these special children she had with the children stay together morning and night, became friends, she hopes to use his patience and love, give them a bit of warmth, also hope that they can get back to the colorful world. The same period [] (Malaysia volunteer Zhang Shirui) the beginning we see them in the sitting quietly, to see when we came, they jump and jump, run to hold us, very happy. [comment] 19 years old Ethiopia volunteers, Eden told reporters, after the daily see autistic children together, gradually become cheerful feel very happy, she planned to return home after their university also set up such associations to help autistic children. The same period [] (Ethiopia volunteer Eden Seoul) I participated in similar volunteer associations in high school, but in my university and there is no such community, I think I will start one of your own home after such a community. [comment] it is understood that the volunteer activity is the world’s largest youth led organizations "international economics school student association" Sichuan branch held, the event aims to awaken the public to the special community and volunteer groups concerned. Chongqing Jia Cheng reported Nanshi相关的主题文章: