Victoria Song through the peach 2 static film exposure for the first time

Victoria Song through the "peach 2" static film exposure for the first time the lead: this round, open play! The game consists of 360 single, open the new round of Victoria Song endorsement of the end of the tour masterpiece "peach 2" in December 2nd will be the ultimate open beta, the ultimate online appointment today grand opening! Millennium, beautiful lakes, datangshengshi romance you write! Today, the official also exposed for the first time a group of people from the spokesperson Victoria Song as the protagonist of the interpretation of the static film, want to know what is the secret of the Victoria Song? Come and watch! "Peach blossom spring 2" this round, open play [secret: origin] is confidential Datang bright room, dressed in white snow sissy goddess Song Xiaobai, she is a beautiful girl, who knows her secret? Another world, she has what kind of life? "Peach 2" static film secret through: Taoyuan saw life] accidentally travel to another world, the quiet forest, surrounded by animals and pet spirit, Song Xiaobai has yet to react, hands on the keyboard. What kind of life will she have in Taoyuan? "Peach 2" static film through [up] fame: explore frolic Jianghu flowers in spring and autumn months, the summer there are cool winter snow, all year round beauty, where is not a good time. Through time and space, only to meet you. In the style of the Datang arena, Song Xiaobai opened the romantic arena battles road. The exploration of "peach 2" [movie together: static sword horizon only for Qing] quiet life is suddenly disrupted the invasion of evil, in order to protect the Taoyuan fairyland, more to protect my family and my friends, and friends of Song Dynasty White Slayer sword, and finally managed to repel evil spirits, also flourishing peace. "Peach 2" static film. [surrealism "peach 2" Taoyuan index "peach 2" vision] today’s first exposure to the story of the game is based on the reality of static film, Victoria Song for the first time through the interpretation of fantasy. This group of real static film, ultra realistic expression, combined with the reality of the dream will be perfect, with cross, fantasy and other romantic elements, vivid interpretation of Legendary Adventures strayed into Taoyuan, Datang, it is a reflection of "peach 2" to create the conscience of round games Taoyuan vision. "Peach blossom spring 2" this round, open play [Live] static static simulation return to the Tang Dynasty in the movie "white song" through the adventure, return to the Tang Dynasty, after the storm, it is a microcosm of the "peach 2" game player. "Peach 2" to the Tang Dynasty as the background, poetry and music into the classical culture, from the game environment, to play the story construction, comprehensive integration of the ancient records and Tang poetry and music of the classical culture of Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Taoyuan environment for the simulation of depth, and strive to create an internationally immersive Tang Taoyuan. In the process of playing the game, the players will experience the true and magic of the spirit of the times, the embodiment of Song Xiaobai who write their own legendary story. Dreaming of Taoyuan datangshengshi [environment] turn to build a healthy ecological simulation.相关的主题文章: