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Venus sharp interview with Fu Yuanhui "the girl" to parry – Sohu   entertainment; Venus, Fu Yuanhui, joy dance show the ancestral blue field Sohu entertainment news Oriental TV variety show "big scene comedy tonight paramount" September 24th (Saturday) 20:30 will broadcast second programs. Across the whole summer Olympic Games in Rio held the red athletes a group full of personality, and the "Hong Huang girl" Fu Yuanhui favorite, "I have tried my best, I am very satisfied. She hot network. This week, the natural sense of joy that comes "the girl" entered the comedy, appeared "tonight" Paramount brought their comedy debut. In the program, Fu Yuanhui through different scenes, in a tough "Qingdao aunt", for a while with Venus turned "anchors", show hilarious natural stay adorable. The scene, Venus more seconds "matchmaker" for Fu Yuanhui love, Fu Yuanhui also generous to admit standards. "Fu Yuanhui" turned "tonight paramount anchors" staged comedy debut for many audiences, this year’s Olympic Games in Rio is more obvious than before with a more humane, in addition to harvest medals, unique personality athletes also welcome. Women’s volleyball team’s "aggressive" and "cold", the table tennis team and swimming team "jump off" as everyone talked about the topic. In many athletes, Fu Yuanhui is very lovable, especially with the universe "humorous verses have let this" the girl "full of delight. This week, the sense of joy will be further demonstrated in the "Paramount" in tonight. In the program, for the first time comedy Fu Yuanhui continue to stay and jump off the adorable personality, poker-faced grand debut should instantly forget the words, which managed to hold up a second broken gas, so that the side of Venus, Wong Cho Lam cry. While tailored for the scene comedy, Fu Yuanhui first met with "Qingdao aunt", is "big Tucao arms, big thick legs" quilt "funny face Gini, and later with the Venus partner turned" anchors "interpretation of swimming, bursting point like successive continue. Venus "matchmaker" send "assists" help "the girl" to find the ideal type in addition to the wonderful "comedy show", a good interview Venus naturally will not miss this the most attention in the sports star, specially prepared for the interview time for Fu Yuanhui. In the show, Venus and Fu Yuanhui sit at the table, eating Fu Yuanhui’s love of relaxing chat Braised pork in brown sauce. With lively and cheerful personality, fresh and lovely shape and the identity of the Olympic athletes, and now Fu Yuanhui has become a lot of parents in the eyes of the ideal daughter". While the popular Fu Yuanhui has not talked about love, Venus makes quite surprised, but this is quite wide heart while Fu Yuanhui mouth meat side: "in the past not to talk, now can not find the love to talk about." As an intimate sister, Venus Fu Yuanhui of the lovely "sister" is especially hard. The scene, not only from Venus "from" the second "invaluable advice, more directly to send" matchmaker "assists.相关的主题文章: