User service system innovation Beijing modern blue strategic upgrade

User service system reform Beijing modern BLUE strategy upgrade in the service industry, there is an old saying: customer is god. Put forward this idea of Marshall · field will not only store sold is not responsible for the "regulations to" unconditional return ", also set up shopping malls in the stool and other convenience facilities, the creation of Rest Area for customers to rest, then buy. There is no direct relationship between the seemingly and sales behavior, has greatly improved the performance of department stores, a day after in all walks of life for the purpose of the service concept. In the electricity supplier industry, with excellent return service deus ex; in electrical industry, Haier customer service with high quality service to become the domestic appliances big boss; let alone let people sit up and take notice of the sea fishing, even with ordinary user service to refresh everyone’s eye Hot pot. In the increasingly high demand for consumers at the moment, the importance of customer service may have been able to keep up with the product itself, become an important factor in determining the future of customer viscosity and brand reputation. In the automotive sector, customer service is also on the agenda. Statistics show that in 2016 "China Auto Sales Satisfaction Survey (SSI) report" and "2016 Chinese customer service service satisfaction survey (CSI) report", Beijing modern again ranked in the top three, respectively ranked second and third. From 0 to 10 million: customer service, wisdom connection and many industry to car based ideas and practices in modern Beijing, the "people-oriented" concept, the vehicle for its members to build the whole life cycle and service life of the car. It embarks from the successful experience of the modern South Korea, to provide customers with an earlier than expected service and customer care services". In October 18th a new boutique small car Wyatt nalon re listed on the occasion, Beijing Hyundai Blue Melody released the same period. Bule Melody strategy is based on the concept of modern Blue launched in Beijing in 2015 for the market of young, intelligent, interconnected, electric, regional and other trends to upgrade. The new Blue Melody consists of a core layer, two interactive chain, three support network structure: channel, product, brand three supporting network, laid the foundation for the use of Blue strategy; business platform and vehicle intelligent two interactive chain, achieve deep interaction with the user, provide more convenient services for the user; the end user to the car as the carrier of the future life circle. Blue Melody contains six dimensions: Blue Members, Blue Ecommerce customer service business platform, Blue Link Blue Outlet intelligent interconnection, multiple channels, Blue Drive Blue Youth brand power and future vitality of the young, their initials Melody melody of a word, Blue Melody named the resulting strategy. In these six dimensions, Blue Members attracted everyone’s attention. With the breakthrough of modern users in Beijing 8 million mark, Beijing Hyundai on the original Blue Members.相关的主题文章: