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Used two is really powder! SONY Black & product review – Sohu digital people often talk about "good cable" and "black" technology, but still frequent failures, 2014 VAIO to sell the brand, there are rumors that a few months ago, SONY CEO Hirai Yifu said SONY mobile phone business is not profitable to sell again…… This without a sigh, then SONY has "Twilight"? In fact, the first SONY’s development history, we will find a lot of magic products, some of them lead the industry trend, some just flash in the pan. But in the rapid iteration of the consumer electronics market, such as SONY such a deep and evergreen enterprises, how many? The following is the media inventory black SONY technology products, is said to have used more than two is absolutely true powder — VAIO UX series of small computer (AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) electronic pet dog machine SONY PDA Clie SONY MDR-R10 mobile phone headset, at the price of 1 million 200 thousand yen. (about 37 thousand and 200 yuan in 1988) SONY NSA-PF1 all point to the plexiglass speakers, of course, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~相关的主题文章: