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UnCategorized All of the so-called gurus, when writing articles about attraction marketing, just throw the term around like everyone automatically understands it. Not everyone does. This is certainly not to put your ability to understand or your intelligence in question. When I first heard the term I automatically thought about looks. Of course after I thought about it for a while I began to understand what it really means. Do you remember when you were a kid how you always wanted to fit in. The kids who were physically talented ie good at tetherball, soccer, tag etc or who "looked" cool were the "attractive"" ones. They didn’t do anything to try to be attractive, they just naturally were. All of the other kids wanted to be around them because they had what the other kids wanted. The popular kids became even more popular because not only were the kids attracted to them but were also following the crowd. Now the popular kids had two things going for them. The attraction factor and the fact that everyone else wanted to fit in. I know a little girl whose identity will remain anonymous because of the possible, albeit slim chance she will ever read this. At the time she was about 8 or 9 years old and her biggest .plaint in life was that she didn’t have "any" friends. I think she had a couple but it wasn’t enough, of course. I even had a couple of chances to watch her in action as she was put into family and friend situations, get togethers. The harder she tried the further away the other kids would get. She pushed herself on the other kids. She wanted to have a history, a story of friendship that is acquired over years, in about ten minutes. "Do you like me?" was uttered more than once and was usually answered silently but with a look. It must have been very painful for her. I know it was for me. So you know what I had to do. I had to rescue her. I had to teach her what was happening, what she was bringing on herself. I told her that what she was doing, trying to push herself on the other kids, was having the opposite effect. That just being herself and treating the other kids just the way she herself wanted to be treated and having fun would get the desired result in time. I talked for an hour, pretty much saying the same things over and over again. Her face and her words said "Oh, I get it" and you could see the excitement and anticipation bubbling up as she got ready to go "back into the ring". I watched, feeling pretty good about having "saved" her as she went back and did exactly the same thing she was doing before. Understanding Attraction Marketing is really the same thing. When I was first introduced to Network Marketing and for way too long after that I wanted to let EVERBODY know about my opportunity. I would call them and set up a time to get together, show them the opportunity and then be .pletely confused as to why they didn’t get as excited as I was. "I’ll think about it". "I have to talk to my wife or husband first". You fill in the blank if you’ve been through it. I’d make myself feel better by saying well, they just make their decisions differently from me, they’ll .e around. It’s the next day or a couple of days later and I’ve just be.e that little girl, ‘cept I’m a boy (smile). All of a sudden I can’t get anyone to answer the phone. Nobody will even .e to the door. I’m chasing these people all over town and the harder I chase the faster they run. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: