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News-and-Society As a form of abuse, substance abuse is a disease and not just an addiction. Substance abuse ranges from adults to teenagers alike. People abuse substances like alcohol and illegal drugs for many reasons that are complicated. It is clear that our society pays a significant cost. Linked to child abuse, substance abuse has also been linked to prisons, mental health institutions, hospitals and emergency room visits. Abuse can also be linked to murders, deaths and suicides. It is a very common addiction that effects many people nation-wide and abroad. Abused substances such as cocaine have been on the decline, while drugs such as heroin and acid are reaching a critical point of abuse. Abused substances may impair and have effects on driving, jobs and daily activities as simple as getting up in the morning. Other effects can be shaking and tremors, stumbling, intoxication, and difficulty concentrating. Many substances of abuse have withdrawal problems such as that seen with tobacco products. The substance abuser may find they are easily angered, violent and have tremors, depending on the drug involved. As a part of substance abuse, substance abusers can afford a high tolerance to the drugs which are taken in over time. The substance abuse increases as the addict brings more drugs into their system to have a better high or intoxication. This is dangerous because the more drugs existing in the body, the more deadly they become. The danger to this is a leading cause of death for abusers, which is drug overdose. More than 500,000 deaths occur that are related to drug overdosage in the United States alone. This is a drastic number and is on the rise ever year. Alcohol related car accidents are also on the rise due to the party nature of teens. One of the legacies of abuse, Substance abuse is a deadly disease. It can be treated at many placed or also at detox units such as hospitals and drug related rehabs. Abuse of substances is an increasingly giant risk amongst teens that are under pressure from their peers and also adults who enjoy the party club scene. Abuse of Substances at times can be treated during short term therapy, but many addicts may seek long term care and admission into many different rehabs that are needed to clear the addiction which, in some cases, never heals accept through a series of support and love from programs such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or other programs exist such as CA (Cocaine Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) that can be used to help an addict in his or her full attempt to recover. During this process, an addict who is an abuser of substances may get set back or even relapse in his or her attempt to survive the addiction and fully recover. Recovering fully is a very long process and may take years. Depending on the type of abuse, substance abuse of most substances has no cures other than the love and support of groups, hospitals, peers and family. Most substance abusers are able to recover if they are willing to do so and may live longer during this time but as stated, substance abuse is dangerous and should be well taken care of before death overtakes the abuser. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: