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Pleasant credit plummeted P2P new regulations under the impact of the industry reshuffle imminent pleasant credit plummeted P2P new regulations under the impact of the industry reshuffle imminent Hu Qun as the first China Internet financial stocks, pleasant loans (NYSE:YRD) are suffering investors voting with their feet "". The afternoon of August 24th, the CBRC, the Ministry of public security, the state Internet Information Office jointly issued the "Interim Measures for business activity management information network lending agency (hereinafter referred to as the" net loan management approach), so far, the domestic P2P industry will bid farewell barbaric growth, into law era. That night, as far as the other side of the ocean listed on the pleasant loan shares plunged 22%, to close at $24.52 shares, and the new regulations have been in the domestic P2P industry, fried pot". Earlier rumors of net loan platform borrowing limit management, the CBRC finally confirmed. Micro finance relevant responsible person said, "this will be the Internet financial platform based on enterprise loan influence, may lead to more focused on the transformation of platform, small scattered assets, then the asset market potential of small mortgage loans, consumer finance has small characteristics will usher in landing and fierce competition, soon, industry there will be a new round of reshuffle." China’s P2P industry began in 2007 on the line pat loan, has gone through 9 years. In the past 3-5 years, P2P in China staged a feast, thousands of platforms have been established and then closed, the number of investment to the thousands of investment funds such as bubbles in the sunlight, blooming colorful short, but also hard to find. Now tune has changed, the rules of the game has changed, the industry will become an inevitable change, P2P will enter the integration phase of the Warring States period from multi melee. Pleasant credit price drop in late August 24th, pleasant loans fell, at $24.52, down 22% compared with the previous trading day. August 25th, pleasant loan opened again fell, the lowest intraday fell to 9.83%, then rebounded, closing at a slight rise of 0.04%. In fact, from Monday to Thursday, pleasant loans fell more than 33%. Pleasant loan share price fell so the market interpreted as the introduction of net loan management approach is closely related. Net loan management approach clearly stipulates that the network credit information agency shall not engage in or accept the commission engaged in 13 activities, including their own or disguised as self financing; promises guaranteed security interest; line propaganda; loans; project duration split; self selling financial products to raise funds, banking, brokerage and information agency tube, funds, insurance or trust products and other financial products; to carry out asset securitization business or to realize the transfer of creditor’s rights behavior, asset securitization, asset package trust assets, fund shares and other forms; engaged in equity to raise public business. At the same time, the measures for the administration of net loan also implement quota management on the net loan borrowing: the provisions of the same borrower in the same platform borrowing limit is 200 thousand, the same organization on the same platform the borrowing limit is 1 million, the same borrower in different net lending institutions borrowing limit is 1 million, the same enterprise in different network organization theory相关的主题文章: