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[take] fresh root uncle delicacy fire old Hot pot, that this is the taste of food and drink – Sohu said that teachers are the engineers of human souls, so far, Chongqing, Hot pot, faith! When you are happy, eat hot pot; when you are sad, eat hot pot; when you succeed, eat hot pot; when you resign, eat hot pot; when you fall in love, eat hot pot; when you break up, eat hot pot;…… Yes, in Chongqing, Hot pot is such a belief, tolerant, considerate, meticulous cover and contain everything! Can cure all diseases, can be exciting, you can add! One after another, so many hot pot, which is good to eat? I don’t care, which is the home to go! This does not, accidentally went to the old fire hot pot door! September 28th grand opening, in the discount! For this person, for the dog to eat delicious, time seems to stand still, as if the heart stops. Yes, the discount means that I can let go of meat, drink up! See the store is still a lot of people, from time to time came a unique mellow spicy flavor Hot pot! Brothers and sisters, right here! Boss, red soup, the hotter the better! Bother to bring your specialty dishes! A beer!" Fast yo, just blow a few sentences in Longmen array, the bottom of the pot, dishes will come! Duck: Blood choking the entrance of slag. Boutique in the! Sliced meat: delicate and silky entrance, enjoy. Thin skinned bovine liver: ruddy attractive, soft waxy delicate. Crisp crisp: incense, crisp, thin yellow. Also say, Hot pot flavor, spicy, but not astringent, old Hot pot pepper sesame flavor outstanding, eat like a hot war. This is the taste! Spicy, spicy, mellow mellow, more and more. A few mouthfuls of wine drunk, blurred lights, eating Hot pot, chatting about trifles, comfortable with the release of lingering happiness and disappointment, it is vivid life. A careful inquiry: fresh fire root old hot pot, founded in November 1, 2015, has now opened 11 stores. Rapid development. It seems that the boss something! As the first to eat, chowhound, delicious, and then share! Recommended: 4 star environment: the decoration of the mid-range, feel the old Chongqing service: serving speed, smile in place dishes: fresh and clean style, variety, strongly recommended location: Yubei District Taoyuan duck blood choking in the commercial street area eleven Zhiyingdian Tel: 023, 67257999 ***************************************************************** result of Chongqing dark horse uncle: well-known photographer, delicacy critic travel experience division. Sohu media channel gold medal from the author. "Chongqing morning news" signed the photographer, Chongqing micro-blog celebrity exchange members, love food, love to travel a moe uncle! Micro-blog Sina: @ Chongqing dark horse uncle personal WeChat: cqhmds相关的主题文章: