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The sun is the most beautiful sunset in Xinjiang, April, spring in the spring. Early in the morning, the sun warm kiss the earth, the sun is pleased to smile, the warmth and light shining on the Bayinguoleng Mongolia autonomous prefecture (Bazhou) earth. Bazhou to visit Hui Ju state sent third inspection and guidance group deputy leader Zhong Dedong came to the town of Taha County Zulumen Su Le Village, supervision and guidance of precise poverty alleviation when is noon. "Wait a minute!" Zhong Dedong suddenly shouted stop. He found a Uighur grandmother in a nest in the wall of the sun in shreds and patches. The old granny sun looks like, let him see the miserable life, he said: "I saw her, I thought of my mother (mother)." Zhong Dedong walk past, help grandma, grandma will cuddle in the bosom embrace deeply like his mother. The old grandmother and a small household affairs that grandma, this year has been 80 years old, old legs, love in their own crooked wall in the sun, do not want to go a step. The accompanying "insider" and rushed to the village people have to reflect that old woman named Toko Dei Si Khan? Buy Ming, is 80 years old. In 2008, the old granny’s son died of a heart attack, his wife remarried, leaving 11 year old grandson on the fifth grade primary school. One family with low income and low land premium to maintain life. Leisure time, due to leg ligament atrophy can not be normal to walk, the old lady often carved like a nest in the sun heating. "Isn’t that what we’re looking for?" Looked at her in disrepair, leaking rain and bad light up the house, Zhong Dedong said excitedly: "this is the object we should care for and help!" From his pocket and pulls out the 200 yuan in cash only to the old grandmother. Suddenly, the old grandma tears, tears, with trembling voice repeated: "Chairman Mao Yakexi (good) and the Communist Party, joachim." "I really want to have a spring sunshine, pinch in the hands of a poor people, can be served, so that they have a warm bosom." Bell said that East German side, this "mother," said she will always care and attention. Toko Dei Si Khan bought for chronic disease? Ming card, her grandson transferred to the first primary school in Heshuo county school; village sent her 4 poor sheep, to help her develop courtyard economy…… October 1st, Zhong Dedong once again came to the village, to see the Ming Dynasty in the courtyard to buy a conspicuous place, hanging 1 flags, is the way to buy himself to rise up, Toko Dei Si Khan? Toko Dei Si Khan. Last night the wind and rain, Toko Dei Si Khan? Buy regardless of the weather with the rising sun rises, the bright five-star red flag in front of their own, are used in this way, the expression of an ordinary farmer of the party and the motherland gratitude. "This brings us a great deal of affection and admiration." Villagers Wu Feng said. "The grandson to school in the county high overhead, the working group gave 2000 yuan; home 16 acres of corn seedlings, weeding pull live is live in the village cadres to help stem, corn pests and diseases are the working group invited technical personnel to eradicate……" )相关的主题文章: