U.S. media Chinese students flying training in the United States or bring business opportunities for punyu

U.S. media: Chinese flight training for the students in the United States or the United States to bring business opportunities – Beijing The Associated Press September 17th article, the original title: in the Northwest Indiana aviation school, China surge in the number of students of 21 year old Zhang Yingjie (sound) is Griffith Murray Willie airport for flight training?. He said that many people in China want to be a pilot, but it takes a long time to train pilots in china. The airport reached an agreement with Civil Aviation Flight University in 2007 to train nearly 300 pilots in china. Griffith’s director, Clegg, said China’s demand for pilots and the lack of training space for the United States brought business training opportunities for the United States, said the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Chinese Academy of science and technology. "When they came here, they never flew in china. They start classes at 7:30 every morning and finish at 6 in the evening for a total of between 10 and 12 months." It’s not just hard work and study. Zhang Yingjie said they went to Chicago every month to go to Chinatown to buy food, but also to visit the air show. After the training, Chinese students will obtain a commercial pilot license. Zhang Yingjie said that after returning home, his employer, China Eastern Airlines will require him to receive additional ground training, and will turn his license to Chinese license. (author Carmen? Mkuu Roma, Wang Xiaoxiong)相关的主题文章: