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U.S. media Watch: Chinese lidaxiao A stock market "last long" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you my reference news source: Reference News Network September 17th U.S. media reported that the medium-sized state-owned holding Shenzhen securities company British securities at the age of 52 economist Li Daxiao is one of the most famous investment experts China. According to the United States, "the Wall Street journal" website reported on September 11th, by some of the fans called "Colonel Lee" Li Daxiao’s financial background, he was an electrical engineer, but he had never been in such as Goldman Sachs international investment bank to work, not even in such as CITIC Securities Chinese investment banking experience. However, Li Daxiao has become China’s most popular stock market prophet, he has 2 million 400 thousand fans on micro-blog, and ranked first in the Baidu business search rankings. His secret is released through social media and lively and vivid simple kind of market, but also with his own some funny photos and videos. Reported that the Chinese securities regulators in an effort to curb speculation and guide the formation of more sober retail investment at the same time, has been trying to control this playful style. Many of China’s most popular market analysts have stopped issuing eye-catching videos and comments, and even Li Daxiao said in May this year that it was considering removing the contents of micro-blog. However, Li Daxiao finally decided to stick to the end, he said the Chinese authorities have not asked him to stop the current practice. He said: "most people are boring, so life needs a bit of material. Finance itself is boring." Reported that the popularity of Li Daxiao proved that China’s stock market is still immature state, rumors and speculation caused by roller coaster trading here commonplace. Last year, about 87% of the Shanghai stock market transactions are completed by retail investors, many of these investors, there is no stock market investment experience of short-term traders. In order to win the attention of these investors, in recent years, many analysts have tried to make their reports and publicity more interesting, and become a social media celebrity. Lidaxiao estimates that every year he appeared 500 times in the national media, the number of online postings over a million. He was reluctant to talk about their own appearance fees, but according to an event manager familiar with these economists, Li Daxiao appearance fees may be as high as 100 thousand yuan each. Fans sent him all kinds of gifts, rice, poetry, and looks like tau shaped cakes. Reported that, in addition to the release of interesting video, Li Daxiao is also known for his success in some of the market forecast, of course, made some mistakes. In 2015, when the stock index reached 4000 to 5000 points, he said that the "top of the earth" has arrived; a few months later, the stock market fell, but some investors complained that he was too early to predict the vertex. When the stock index fell to 2100 in 2012, he created the word "Diamond bottom" to describe the market fundamentals as precious as diamonds. In less than two months相关的主题文章: