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U.S. experts said North Korea’s current nuclear material by the end of the year can be created 20 atomic bomb original title: U.S. experts: North Korea’s nuclear material enough to build 20 atomic bomb "British" Jane’s Defence Weekly quoted U.S. "38 North" website reported on Friedrich · of the Stanford University has participated in the verification of North Korea nuclear experts Xi Ge; Haike issued a report that North Korea is the accumulation of nuclear material for the production of nuclear weapons. He believes that North Korea’s grasp of the various nuclear materials to the end of 2016, a total of about 20 nuclear bombs can be produced, and can reproduce each year, 7. In addition, he expects North Korea in ten years may have the ability to launch missiles with nuclear warheads to the United states. According to the "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reports, Siegfried · Haike is a former to the Yongbyon nuclear facilities for verification of nuclear scientists, currently at the Stanford University. In September 12th, he was in John · Korea Institute at Hopki University hosted the "38 North" website published the report. Kim Jeong-eun visited the "Mars 10" missile "38 degrees north" is the following report published in part (observer network compiled):…… The release of North Korea through political information is clear: North Korea will continue to expand its dangerous nuclear arsenal, if Washington continues to maintain its existing policy. The report speculated that North Korea’s fifth nuclear test explosion device power of about 1.5-2 million tons of TNT equivalent, which may be the previous test of two times. The test was carried out in the first three tests of the tunnel network system, the entire tunnel system into the mountains. North Korea issued on their nuclear test report is absurd, for example in January 2016 by claiming H-bomb test, but the test after the declaration is worth paying attention to. North Korea’s nuclear weapons research department published the declaration said: standardization and fighting will let the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea can be made any number of smaller, lighter and more diversified nuclear weapons, these warheads will have more power, manufacturing technology is more mature, and you can use a variety of fissile materials. This will push the Korean people’s Democratic Republic ballistic missile warhead technology to a new level. The statement comes with a series of basic questions: how many nuclear warheads can North Korea produce? North Korea’s capacity to produce plutonium is still limited, about 6 kilograms a year, equivalent to the need to make a bomb. We estimate that they may have 32-54 kg of inventory (about 6-8 bombs) plutonium. Because plutonium production can be estimated by monitoring the operation of its nuclear reactors, the estimate is relatively accurate. But North Korea’s ability to produce highly enriched uranium is still at a high level of uncertainty. However, according to the Yongbyon nuclear facilities last November 2010 I checked by see, and after that the expansion of the facility, and we may estimate North Korea other underground facilities, the scale of production, annual production of 150 kg of North Korea or licensing of highly enriched uranium (about 6 nuclear bombs, and the required) the previous inventory may be 300-400 kg. In other words, the current number of fissile material in North Korea, the end of this year will be enough to make 20 nuclear bombs, in addition to health.相关的主题文章: