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Two children age of older age will face the problem for women, pregnancy is a big event. However, many women after pregnancy, but again and again three to face the pain of abortion. From the perspective of gender, three consecutive spontaneous abortion after pregnancy, it is known as habitual abortion. So, what is the reason? Photograph: IC 1, reproductive organ disease, uterine malformation, such as the uterus, uterus and uterus. Pelvic tumors, especially submucosal fibroids can affect the growth and development of the fetus and lead to abortion. The mouth inside the uterus or cervix laceration are caused by the relaxation depth and the occurrence of late abortion premature rupture of membranes. 2, endocrine dysfunction fertilized eggs in the role of progesterone, in the uterine wall implantation, growth and development of fetal. When the lack of progesterone secretion in vivo, so that the development of uterine decidua dysplasia, which affect the development of fertilized eggs, easy to cause abortion. If the increase in prostaglandins, will cause uterine muscle contraction, but also lead to miscarriage. Reduced thyroid function, can make the cell oxidative capacity disorder, and thus affect the growth and development of embryos and abortion. 3, growth too late in such a big social pressure, many couples do not want too early to have children, always want to fight a few years children, but when they want to have children but also how not pregnant, become habitual abortion. With the growth of the age and the open environment of the modern society, the influence is relatively large, such as the excessive use of contraceptives, abortion and so on will cause habitual abortion. 4, pregnant women with systemic diseases of pregnant women with influenza, typhoid, pneumonia and other acute infectious diseases, bacterial toxins or viruses into the fetus through the placenta, fetal poisoning death. High fever can promote uterine contraction and cause abortion. Pregnant women suffering from severe anemia, heart failure, chronic nephritis and chronic diseases such as hypertension, may be due to placental infarction and intrauterine hypoxia and make fetal deformity, and the abortion. Pregnant women malnutrition, especially vitamin deficiency, as well as mercury, lead, alcohol poisoning can cause miscarriage. 5, embryo hypoplasia abnormal ovum is the main reason for early abortion, in the first two months of pregnancy abortion, is approximately 80% due to sperm and eggs have some defects, so that the embryonic development to a certain extent and therefore, termination, discharge the abortion, not to see the original embryo. Abortion is every woman and their families are not willing to face, so we must understand the cause of habitual abortion women, to prevent. In particular, the birth of such factors is too late, can be actively controlled, the elderly tend to increase the probability of miscarriage will greatly increase, should try to avoid.相关的主题文章: