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Trump was elected to lead the climate conference concern multinational support China hold high the banner of November 7th, in Morocco, Marrakech, France, ecological sustainable development and energy minister SEG Lynn · Royal (right) and chairman of the Marrakech climate change conference in Morocco, Minister of foreign affairs and cooperation Salah · al Maizu photo. Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Tao Photo Reference News Network November 15 news media said, a negative attitude to global warming, Trump was elected the fifty-fourth president of the United States triggered unrest in Marrakech this week, the UN climate conference, but most countries reiterated their support China raised the banner of struggle against climate. According to EFE reported on November 13th, a member of China delegation to attend the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" the twenty-second conference of the parties of the 12 day in the corridor in front of the media said that any action of the U.S. government will not hinder the China transition to low carbon economy. He also said that this transformation is unstoppable movement, and therefore will not stop because of the new government of the United states. The efforts of the international community to deal with climate change will not stop. A negotiation on behalf of the European Union on EFE said, Trump’s victory of the Marrakech climate conference is like a pot of cold water". Negotiators from 200 countries will discuss the rules for the implementation of the Paris agreement at the conference". The negotiators fear memories of former US President George W. Bush was how to get us out of the "Kyoto Protocol", she pointed out that the U.S. move "incitement" a considerable part of developed countries to take the same action. Reported that the newly elected president of the United States Trump has publicly stated that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese people, the intention is to win their own competitiveness. Trump has promised to cancel the Paris accord and the U.S. government’s payments to the United Nations climate change program. Trump, 12, announced that it will be implemented after the White House will be the implementation of the ten measures, including the cancellation of the commitment of the government of the United States to pay for the United Nations climate change projects in the amount of money, the. The decision could be a serious blow to developing countries. With the European Union and Norway, the United States is one of the biggest contributor to climate funds promised by 2020 to Green Climate Fund donated $3 billion. The Obama administration has so far only donated $500 million to the fund. The World Resources Institute at the Marrakech climate conference by legal experts said the U.S. government once confirmed EFE, from the "Paris agreement" means that it will start a program for at least 4 years. Reported that, therefore, the only way for president Trump to do this is to give up the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. The United States has been a party since the convention was adopted in 1992. "The United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" executive secretary Patricia · Espinosa said, "I think we should wait and see whether Trump would make the final decision, and the government will take measures. We hope that all countries will remain in the Paris agreement because it is a universal contract". Morocco climate negotiator相关的主题文章: