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Book-Marketing The trilogy series released by The Old Star wars is all about the story of a girl called Zoya. The three books in the series are about the experiences of the girl in life and how she .es across different aspects of life and her fears in life. This fiction released by star wars is not only the story of the characters in the books but when you read more about the book you find that the elements dealt with in the story are so close to your life. This is where the writer has used her skills to present her life and experiences in a way that the readers find it as their lifes experiences. As human beings we all have certain desires that are far from reality and that remain unfulfilled throughout our lives. This is where fiction gives us a little contentment by brushing out thoughts and desires. There are many things that can never be true or that can never .e to reality and when we see them happening in the stories we read and see we feel happy for the characters. We start seeing ourselves in the characters of the story. This is where star wars has managed to bring out a creation of a highly creative writer who has dealt with human aspirations beautifully. Learn more about the other two parts of the book talk about the life and world to which a person goes after death. This is another very interesting topic that has always got interest of the readers because no one actually knows about the world and life after death. This is why readers want to know what others think about the afterlife and the things that happen after an individual dies. Second book in the series released by The Old Star wars is about the world before we existed. It talks about the powers which ruled the world and the galaxies. This is also an interesting topic because none of us actually know about the world before the life came into existence and the world took shape. This is why the readers would be interesting in finding about these different aspects of life and death and beyond. These subjects taken up by the writer are not easy to develop into stories but the writer has done that with lot of effort and creativity. Readers would enjoy venturing into these unseen worlds through these books released by star wars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: