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Cancer All of us are aware of pancreatic cancer, but medical science has not yet been able to define the exact causes for this deadly form of cancer which has a very minimal survival rate. However, the probable factors which increases the risk of getting pancreatic cancer has been formulated, and if you are cautious about your health and wish to lead a healthy life, you should be careful about these risk factors to help keep yourself safe from this dangerous disease. The risk factors and trace elements Apart from the risk factors like family history, age, obesity, smoking, imperfect food habits, a number of trace elements have also been found to have a direct effect in the initiation of pancreatic cancer. In order to elaborate on this, studies have been performed, which have confirmed the direct link between trace elements and pancreatic cancer. Here is a brief presentation of the research and its findings: Researchers analyzed the .position of toenail clippings from 118EPC patients at the time of PANKRAS 2 study during 1992-1995. They used the toenail clippings of 399 patients collected at the time of EPICURO study during 1998-2001 as a control. The reports of the study stated that the concentration of trace elements like cadmium and lead were much higher in the toenail clippings of the patients of pancreatic cancer .pared to the control. Presence of higher concentration of Arsenic in the toenail sample of pancreatic cancer patients has also been noticed in several studies. The same study also observed a .paratively lower concentration of nickel and selenium in the toenails of the EPC patients than the control group. However, the small sample size of the study is considered as a major limitation for the reports. So, one thing to take from this study is to control, where possible, the amount of trace elements absorbed in your body daily through food, drink and air. Smoking and Drinking linked to earlier pancreatic cancer Are you a chain smoker and also a heavy drinker? Do you know that you may be at a higher risk of developing the deadliest form of cancer, pancreatic cancer at an early age? Older age is considered as a risk factor for pancreatic cancer, but for smokers and drinkers, the risk of pancreatic cancer increases rapidly even at an early age. According to a study performed by a leading gastroenterologist of University of Michigan Health System, people who smoke and drink heavily may develop cancer of pancreas at an early age .pared to those who do not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: