Too fire Iphone7 plus reservation since the channel is

Too fire? IPhone7 Plus booking from the channel is closed now whether you are ordering on Apple’s official website which model iPhone7, delivery time is at least one to two weeks, is expected to be a few days later than the official launch date. Now some people are going to make an appointment to Apple Apple  Store self shop since mentioning, but the latest news shows that now iPhone7  Plus store booking from mentioning the goods. Apple iPhone7 appointment (screenshots from Apple  Store) now all domestic Apple retail stores have closed iPhone7  booking channel Plus, means that if you don’t make an appointment, no matter where you are in a city, in September 16th the same day to buy iPhone7  Plus. Thus, the use of dual camera design iPhone7  Plus, its popularity seems far beyond our imagination. As for iPhone7, Apple stores in the major cities are also able to make an appointment, but not all models.   iPhone7  Plus this morning after the inquiry found, now no matter where an apple retail store, black and bright black iPhone7 are in short supply, you can only choose gold, silver and gold rose reservation model. In general, the three versions of the 128GB model can be booked, and 32GB and 256GB versions will be based on the situation of different retail stores out of stock.相关的主题文章: