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Tianjin Binhai New Area to spend 9 billion yuan to improve the water environment in the new network on 30 October, Xinhua news agency, Tianjin (reporter Mao Zhenhua) 30 reporters from Tianjin Binhai New District government was informed that the district government executive meeting examined and adopted the "date of Binhai New Area water compliance plan", by 2020, the new district will spend about 9 billion yuan, the implementation of 176 water environmental quality improvement projects. Which by the end of 2017, will be the first to basically eliminate the formation of black smelly water. Binhai New Area is located in the water under the river runoff by nine, upstream influence region and emphasis on the industrial structure, ecological water are difficult, cause certain influence on water quality. According to the previous investigation, 14 new coastal river and the Beijing University of Hong Kong reservoir exports of water quality assessment of the water quality of the 18 sections are not up to standard. According to the new environmental protection bureau responsible person, the "program" in the first clear water environmental quality improvement objectives: by the end of 2017, the basic elimination of black odor water area; by 2020, the city water quality of centralized drinking water sources all meet or better than the class III, to maintain stable water quality of coastal waters. To this end, the district clearly will promote the transformation of economic structure, control pollution emissions, strengthen water resources conservation, ecological environment comprehensive regulation, law enforcement and regulatory measures to strengthen management of 5 aspects, the specific design of the urban sewage treatment and pipe network construction projects, industrial pollution control engineering, into the river outfall remediation project 176 the water environmental quality improvement projects, involving a total investment of about 9 billion yuan. These key projects related to the Haihe River, Beitang Drainage River, Yongding, New River, Thistle canal and many other rivers, the arrangement of the key projects for each river and the proposed implementation of the project, there is a strong pertinence. For example, Yongding will focus on the implementation of the reform of New River Binhai New Area of surface water quality automatic monitoring system project, Zhongxiang water project, the river sediment dredging regularly.相关的主题文章: