Three departments jointly issued a document to strengthen national network security standardization

Three departments jointly issued a document to strengthen national network security standardization work – Politics – original title: three departments jointly issued a document to strengthen the work of the   national network security standard; 24 reporters from the central network information office was informed that the consent of the central network security and information technology leadership team, the central network information office, national quality inspection administration, National Standard Commission recently jointly issued "some opinions" on the strengthening of national network security standardization work, make arrangements for strengthening network security standardization work. Clearly, the National Standardization Technical Committee for information security in the National Standards Committee under the leadership of the central network information office coordination and related network security departments under the support of network security technology under the unified national standard, unified organization declaration, submitted for review and approval; explore the establishment of network security industry standards and liaison mechanism consultation mechanism; the establishment of major projects, major scientific and technological project standard information sharing mechanism; establish military network security standards coordination and liaison mechanism. Opinions requirements, to promote the network supporting convergence of safety standards and relevant national laws and regulations, promote the standard of network security and information technology application standard synchronized planning and formulation; integrated the mandatory standards, formulate national standards on the protection of critical information infrastructure, classified network and other fields, to optimize the recommended standards, as appropriate, make recommendations the special needs of the industry standard in the industry field, in principle, the development of network security standards; around the national strategic needs, to carry out research work of critical information infrastructure protection, network security review, industrial control system security, data security, personal information protection, network security information sharing standards etc.. Opinion pointed out that, from a practical, advanced, norms three aspects to improve the quality standards, improve the standard of information service ability and standard conformance testing ability; issued a public network security standards through the traditional media and the Internet and other channels; play the role of various regions and departments in the implementation of network security standards, national standards actively the formulation, the deployment of related work in policy documents; actively participate in the formulation of relevant international standards and play a role; actively carry out education and training, the introduction and cultivation of high-end talent; guide the public welfare fund to support network security standardization activities, the establishment of network security standard of Excellence Award, award for outstanding contributions to the advanced and standard. (reporter Zhu Jichai) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Shen Yaxin tester)相关的主题文章: