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This morning the northwest Sanhuan overhaul completed in the main   the end of November completed – Beijing channel — original title: this morning, the northwest Sanhuan overhaul completed in the main newspaper news (reporter Liu Mian) today at 5 am, with the inner and outer ring main road paving bituminous pavement construction completed, northwest ring Road overhaul project completed in the main. Is expected by the end of November, the northwest Sanhuan main road overhaul completed. South East three yuan Lize bridge north, West, northwest Sanhuan overhaul is 23.1 kilometers long. Since August 9th to start the main body of the completion of the northwest Sanhuan overhaul with 66 nights. 3rd Ring Rd is Beijing city traffic trunk line, play an important role through regional transportation, ease the traffic flow of the core area, a total length of 48.2 km. The overhaul is the first time in 13 years. As of 5 am today, the inner and outer ring road surface construction, the replacement of the outside curb 33 thousand and 400 meters, replacement of medial edge stone collision 8919 Yanmi, pavement and bus anti rut treatment of 335 thousand and 900 square meters, manholes reinforcement 759, 638 thousand and 700 square meters of asphalt paving. The next phase of 75 along the bridge and road ancillary facilities work remaining to continue construction, plans to complete before the end of November. In order to minimize the impact on the public travel, overhaul construction time for the night 0 to 5. The peak period of construction, the construction unit organization of more than 3000 employees, nearly 300 sets of large machinery, to overcome the influence of the traffic flow is large, complex surrounding environment, rain weather too many unfavorable factors such as the elaborate project node processes, efficient use of the golden 5 hours of work time, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project according to plan, did not occur with the construction safety accident. In the process of overhaul, the old asphalt material is recycled and utilized, and the old material is recovered by 68 thousand and 300 tons. The pavement structure used in rubber asphalt waterproof bonding layer is composed of waste rubber tires and ordinary asphalt processing to achieve the purpose of "treasure". This morning, the last paragraph of workers laying asphalt in the north ring road covered bridge. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: