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This is the China in the cloud through the most beautiful day if someone asked you, which is the China day, many people will say is the Qinghai Tibet railway, but you might not know Chinese there is a genuine "road, known as the China highway construction in the history of the" guards "project, it is from Sichuan Ya’an to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the capital of Xichang Iasi expressway. (the total length of 240 km of highway, from the edge of Sichuan basin to the Hengduan Mountain climb across the Dadu River, Qingyi River, Peace River water and twelve seismic fault zone distribution in the high mountains and lofty Hills between the mountains overlap, Iasi high-speed and dangerous terrain, so the nickname "high speed ladder". A road along the steep mountains, towering peaks, river clouds, ravines, "as jijue worthy of the name", make people sigh. Driving on the road Mercedes Benz, looking to the fourth week, as if in the air speed, the kind of immersive shock, so that you can not sigh: which strong road technology? Estimated that in addition to China, no one can repair this road! Iasi high speed has 270 bridges, 25 tunnels, in which a long tunnel of the two, long tunnel of the sixteen, on the road, you will not have a touch of the sky fantasy? From the road to Yingjing Hanyuan Iasi is one of the most scenic section of the whole high speed. Shortly after departure from Yingjing, entered the continuous uphill road, which after Asia’s first high pier, 200 meters high labajin bridge across the ditch, the Dragon Cangling primeval forest, until the 10 km long Daxiangling tunnel. "Asia’s first high pier" reputation. From Hanyuan to asbestos is high in the relatively flat section of Iasi, all the way along the Dadu River winds through the valley. On the way to three times across the Dadu River and Pubugou reservoir, nearly half of the journey is to pass the bridge and tunnel, bend still more, but most of them are very slow. Speed can be maintained at about 100 kilometers per hour, about 20 minutes trip. Asbestos to Mianning: the journey to climb the tuowu mountain, the most dangerous speed is also the most magnificent road is the Iasi. From the view of Jigong Mountain tunnel after asbestos, and began a continuous 51 km long uphill, the way to go through multiple tunnel sections. The most spectacular than the dry lake, iron stockade double spiral tunnel. Mianning to Iasi high-speed Lugu: This is the last paragraph, a walk is the best, all in the Anning River Plain on the road. It is Iasi’s high end point, to Xichang, to continue along the Lu Huang high-speed traveling about 55 km. Iasi high speed along the picturesque, blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, magnificent. Driving on the highway in Iasi, will not be sleepy, one is to keep climbing, turning, two is the beauty of the way is to attract your attention. High speed driving in Iasi, will experience a feeling of walk in the clouds, like riding a dragon, crossing the mountain valley. Wire the son, so the heavenly beauty, must not miss ah ~相关的主题文章: